The Livingston Reformed

Church at Linlithgo


Columbia County

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis419


             The Livingston Reformed church at Linlithgo was organized Nov. 9, 1870, by the Hudson classis, with sixteen members.  The consistory chosen was composed of Elders John N. Haver, Thomas Miller; Deacons William H. Haver and John H. Harvey.  A plain but neat brick structure, having accommodations for two hundred and twenty-five persons, was erected the same year at a cost of $6000.  It stands on the site of the original Linlithgo church, and over the family vault of the first lord of the manor, which contains the dead of eight generations of the Livingston family.  The present edifice was erected chiefly by the contributions of the surviving members of that family, and has been named "The Livingston Memorial Chapel."

     After the removal of the Linlithgo church to Johnstown, this place was served as a preaching station of the old church until the present society was organized.  The Rev. Harvey D. Schermerhorn became the first pastor, and remained until 1872.  Since that period the clergy have been the Revs. Snyder, Van Santvord, and Myers.  The church is at present supplied by the pastors of the neighboring churches.  It has about thirty members and the following consistory:  Elders, M. N. Miller, Walter Kline; Deacons, W. F. Crofts and Amos Harvey.