The Methodist Episcopal

Chapel at

Glenco Mills


Columbia County

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis421


      The Methodist Episcopal church at Union Corners, formerly Pleasant Vale, was organized in 1849.  Prior to that time the class at this place was connected with West Taghkanic.  It consisted of Jeremiah Niles, leader; John P. Friese, local preacher; and members from the Coon, Stall, Ingalls, Darling, Northrup, Ferris, Hilton, Austin, Fulton, Rose, and Near families.  In 1854 a very neat and commodious frame church was erected on a large lot, on which is also a parsonage and a cemetery.  The house was repaired in 1877, and is now in every way and sense an inviting place of worship.  The estimated value of the entire property is $6000.  The members of the church number sixty, and are connected with Jackson Corners in a circuit which is in charge of the Rev. C. Gorse.  Other clergy who preached at this place from 1842 to 1877 were Revs. Lewis McKendree, L. Pease, John Campbell, Lorin Clark, Jeremiah Ham, Samuel M. Knapp, Thomas Jerrolds, Aaron Hunt, Jr., Harrison C. Humphrey, Ira Ferris, Thomas Ellis, Joseph Elliott, Aaron Coons, John J. Graw, Henry H. Birkins, Aaron Coons, George B. Clark, William A. Mackey, Charles Saeger, and N. H. Bangs.