Walker's Mills,  Linlithgo,


Livingston Station


Columbia County

New York

By Captain Franklin Ellis412


        Walker's Mills contains eight or ten houses and shops, and a store by Peter Becker.  Thomas Morton had formerly been in trade at this place.  A few miles west, near the Hudson, is the old hamlet of


or, as it is now sometimes called, Stadtche.  The former name was given in honor of Mr. Livingston's old home in Scotland; the latter is a Dutch term, signifying a very small town.  Although the seat of the manor-house, and the place where the first church was erected in 1722, it is now simply a cluster of houses in the neighborhood of the Memorial chapel, whose owners are engaged in growing small fruit.  There is a small store and a tavern, but the business has been diverted to


on the Hudson River railroad, half a mile west of Linlithgo.  This is also a landing for freight barges, and a point of important traffic.  The railroad company established a depot here in 1860, and about the same time D. & R. Miller engaged in the freighting business.  They were succeeded in 1866 by Proper & Washburn, and in 1869 by Washburn & Co., who at present conduct the business on a large scale, including general merchandising, lumber, coal, etc., occupying all the buildings in the place.  In the store is kept the Linlithgo post-office, established in 1857 by Robert Washburn.