The Civil Government

New Lebanon,

Columbia County,

          New York         

by Captain Franklin Ellis426


     In pursuance of an act of the Senate and Assembly, passed April 21, 1818, organizing the town of New Lebanon, the first annual meeting was held April 6, 1819, at the house of Isaac Everest, when the election proceeded with the following effect:  Supervisor, John King; Town Clerk, Robert M. Bailey; Assessors, Abial Mosher, Isaac Everest, William Bailey; Collector, George Landon; Constables, Norman Sackett, George Landon; Overseers of the Poor, William Spiers, Peleg Spencer; Commissioners of Roads, Henry Hull, Peter Barker, John Budlong; Commissioners of Schools, Larry Patrick, William Bailey, Isaac Everest; Inspectors of Schools, Harry Peirce, Jeremiah Gillett, Robert M. Bailey, Norman Sackett, Edward A. Beach, John Budlong.