The Cemetery of the Evergreens

New Lebanon,

Columbia County,

          New York         

by Captain Franklin Ellis430


     The cemetery of the Evergreens is a beautiful tract of eight acres of admirably-located ground for burial purposes, midway between the Springs and New Lebanon.  The general slope of the grounds is towards the south and the front, rising in the area in a gentle elevation, which is thickly studded with evergreens growing in a state of nature,--whence the name of the cemetery.  It is controlled by an association, formed under the rural cemetery laws of the State, in 1873, with the following trustees:  Ransom H. Gillet, Philander E. Leonard, E. C. Clark, Moses Y. Tilden, Joseph K. Royce, Franklin Hand, G. N. P. Gale, Esek C. King, and Charles H. Spencer.

     The present officers are:  President E. C. King; Vice-President, Franklin Hand; Secretary, George H. Tilden; and Treasurer, E. C. Clark.

     The cemetery has been considerably improved, and will when complete be one of the most attractive in the county.

     Besides this, there are several other burial-places in the eastern part of the town, and small cemeteries at West Lebanon and New Britain.