The Military History

New Lebanon,

Columbia County,

          New York         

by Captain Franklin Ellis447


     The early settlers of the town took an active interest in the struggle for independence.  Mention has already been made of some who aided the patriot cause,* and in addition appear the names of Asa Evans, Cornelius Earle, Ezra Gates, Seba Moses, Ezekiel Merrill, Zena Goodrich, Eliah Perkins, Peleg Spencer, and Nathan Young, as pensioners in 1840.

     During the late civil war the town aided the government by promptly filling the quotas assigned her.  A notable war-meeting was held Aug. 4, 1864, when a large tax was voted to be disbursed to volunteers by Marvin Sackett, Benjamin Perry, Anson S. Carpenter, David B. Campbell, Ira Hand, Allen B. Davis, John Campbell, John B. Gillet, and Wm. T. Pelton.