New Lebanon Centre,

Columbia County,

          New York         

by Captain Franklin Ellis434


     Two miles west from New Lebanon village, principally on the south side of the Wyomanock, is the hamlet of New Lebanon Centre.  On account of the mill at this place there was formerly quite an active trade, which was carried on by Nathan Hand and his sons, G. B. Cornwell, F. W. Everest, Clarence Bacon and others.  Silas T. Campel is at present in trade, and has also the post-office, which was established about 1842, with F. W. Everest postmaster.

     A little west from the main settlement Isaac Everest had a pioneer tavern, where the town-meetings were first held.  Norman Williams also kept an inn.

     As the railroad does not have a station at this place its business has been diverted, and there are now but a few score inhabitants.

     In the New Britain settlement was, in early times, a store by Kenneth M. Davis, in which was established a post-office, which has long since been discontinued.  Here were also mechanic shops and other attendants of a hamlet, which have no longer an existence.