The Church of Our Saviour

(Protestant Episcopal)


New Lebanon,

Columbia County,

          New York         

by Captain Franklin Ellis440


          The services of this body were first held, in the summer seasons from 1835 to 1845, by Dr. David Butler, of Troy, but no effort was made to found a society until 1869.  In the fall of that year a room was secured in the public school building at Lebanon Springs, which was fitted up for the services of the Episcopal church, and Rector E. L. Wells, of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, invited to minister to those who preferred that form of service.  The first meeting, held October 3, created so much interest that Bishop Doane, of Albany, organized New Lebanon as a mission, to be supplied by the Rev. Wells, in connection with his parish.  These services were not fruitless.  The mission became a parish May 10, 1871, having the following official board:  Rector, Rev. J. T. Webster; Wardens, E. C. King, W. H. Babcock; Vestrymen, John B. Gale, J. G. Field, Silas G. Owen, Matthew J. Jones, and Elam T. Tanner.  The rectorship of Mr. Webster was of short duration, failing health compelling his resignation before the close of the summer.  In October, 1871, the Rev. William T. Early became the rector, serving the parish until 1872.  He was succeeded by the Rev. James Hoyt Smith, who became the rector in November, 1872, and remained a year an a half.  After a vacancy of a few months the parish called the Rev. Joseph Hooker to the rectorship, July 12, 1874, and he has since maintained that relation.  Under his tutelage the work of the parish has become fully established.  It now numbers twenty families, furnishing sixty communicants, of whom thirty-four are in regular attendance.  The services of the chruch are yet held in the school-house chapel, which has been made comfortable for this purpose.  An effort to build a house of worship between New Lebanon and the Springs was suspended after the foundation was laid, on account of the stringency of the times.  It will probably be completed at an early day.

     The official parish members at present are:  Rector, Rev. Joseph Hooper; Wardens, Silas G. Owen, W. H. Babcock; Vestrymen, E. C. King, J. G. Field, Hampton C. Bull, Francis Mayer, and E. T. Tanner.