The Learned Professions

New Lebanon,

Columbia County,

          New York         

by Captain Franklin Ellis444


      The learned professions were early and ably represented in New Lebanon.  Among the first physicians were Doctors Johnson, Hall, and Baker, but of whose professional standing nothing has been ascertained.  Dr. Moses Younglove was quite prominent in his time, and especially skillful in his treatment of smallpox and kindred diseases.  Before vaccination was discovered he had a pest-house, to which patients resorted in large numbers.  Equally prominent was Dr. John Merriman, who located here about 1800, and who died in town.  Doctors Isaac Everest and Esek King were in practice soon after.  In 1818, Dr. H. d. Wright located at New Lebanon, where he yet resides, although not in active practice, and soon became a leading physician and preceptor of a number of young men who attained eminent places in the profession.  Among others Dr. Peabody, of the Sandwich Island, Dr. Cole, of Pittsfield, Mass., Dr. Lorenzo Gile, of Canaan, and Dr. Wm. C. Bailey, of Chatham, were under his instruction.  The well-known and able Dr. Joseph Bates and his son, Xiris T., are  also residents of this town.  Other physicians have been Doctors Hyde, Salmon, Hand, King, Day, and the present Dr. Peirce.  The Shakers have had several able physicians, Dr. Garrett K. Lawrence being on of the most prominent.

     A number of the gifted sons of New Lebanon became distinguished at the bar, and have filled various State and national positions with conspicuous honor and ability.  Foremost among these is Gov. Samuel J. Tilden, whose life and services are detailed in a separate sketch in this book.  Ex-Attorney-General Williams is also a native of this town.  The late Hon. R. H. Gillet was one of the most honored and unobtrusive men that ever graced State and national councils.  The names of Hons. Edwin Doolittle, R. B. Andrews, Phineas Hitchcock, and Fred. T. Best, all of whom have attained distinction, are highly cherished in New Lebanon for the worth which they have reflected upon their native town.  In practice as attorneys in the town were Alanson King, John Bull, Flavel J. Booge, Wm. H. Tobey, and Geo. J. Bull, the latter having been the last resident attorney.