West Lebanon,

Columbia County,

          New York         

by Captain Franklin Ellis435


     In the northwestern part of the town, on the south side of Wyomanock creek, and a station on the railroad, is the hamlet of West Lebanon. 

     The place is built in a straggling manner on the main road through this section, and was formerly known as Moffatt's Store, from the man first in trade.  Others who had stores were Paul Roberts, Lewis Lester, O. Finch, Ezra Waterbury, C. H. bull, and the present G. W. Carpenter.

     The post-office was established about 1819, with Paul Roberts as the first postmaster.  The office has since been held by D. Lewis, Hiram Bigelow, Edwin Sackett, Alfred Webster, George Lowden, Sacket I. Huested, and G. W. Carpenter.

     A pioneer tavern was kept by Joshua Bigelow.  The present Finch tavern was built about 1820 by Andrew Snyder, who kept it many years, and was followed by Harry Harrington and Michael Bacher.

     The manufacture of harness has been carried on quite extensively by A. D. Gale, and is now continued by C. Etman.

     There is a neat Methodist church in the hamlet, which has about one hundred and twenty inhabitants.