Newspapers Published in

Columbia County,

New York

This list of newspapers was taken from the Gazetteer of the State of New York by J. H. French, published by R. Pearsall Smith, Syracuse, New York, 1860, pages 241 & 242

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The Hudson Gazette,

the first paper published in the county, was established April 7, 1785, by Ashbel Stoddard and Charles R. Webster.  Webster soon after withdrew, and the paper was continued by Stoddard until 1803-04.


The Bee

was removed from New London, Conn., to Hudson, Aug. 17, 1802, and was published by Chas. Holt until 1810.  It then passed into the hands of Samuel W. Clark, and afterward into those of John W. Dutcher.  It was changed, about 1820 to

The Columbia Centinel,

and two years afterward it was united with the Columbia Republican.


The Balance and Columbia Repository

was started in 1802, by Ezra Sampson, George Chittenden, and Harry Croswell.  It was removed to Albany in 1808, and discontinued in 1811.


The Wasp

was edited a short time by "Robert. Rusticoat," in the early part of the present century.


The Hudson Newspaper and Balance Advertiser

was commenced in Oct. 1806, by Harry Croswell.


The Republican Fountain,

established in Dec. 1806, was published about 1 year, by Sylvester Roberts.


The Northern Whig

was begun in 1808, by W. B. Stebbins.  Wm. L. Stone became the publisher in 2 or 3 years, Richard L. Cross in 1816, and W. R. Stebbins in 1821.  It was discontinued in 1824.


The Columbia Magazine

was published at Hudson at an early date, by Rev. John Chester.


The Spirit of the Forum and Hudson Remarker

was published in 1817, by a literary association.


The Columbia Republican

was started in Aug. 1818, by Solomon Wilbur. In 1820 it passed into the hands of Ambrose L. and Allen Jordan, and is now published by Wm. Bryan.  For a year or two, about 1835-36, it was issued as The Columbia Republican and Hudson City Advertiser.


The Hudson Gazette

was established in 1824, by Peleg G. Sturtevant, and is now published by Williams & Brother.


The Messenger of Peace

was started in 1824, at Hudson, by Richard Carrique, and continued 1 year.


The Rural Repository,

semi-mo., was commenced, June 12, 1824, by Wm. B. Stoddard, and continued until 1851.


Columbia and Green Co. Envoy

was started at Hudson, in 1831, by Edwin G. Lindsley, and continued 2 years.


The Diamond,

semi-mo., was published at Hudson, in 1833, by G. G. Stone.


The Magnolia,

semi-mo., was published at Hudson, in 1834, by P. D. Carrique.


The Hudson Flail

was published by J. R. S. Van Vliet, during the campaign of 1840.


The Columbia Washingtonian

was started at Hudson in 1842, by J. R. S. Van Vliet.  The paper changed hands several times, and was change to

The Daily Evening Star,

Dec. 28, 1847, by Alex N. Webb.  It is now published as

The Hudson Star,

daily and weekly. 


The Columbia Democrat

was commenced at Chatham Four corners, in 1847, by ___________.


The Temperance Palladium was published at Hudson in 1851, by J. W. Dutcher.


The Hudson Daily News

was published in 1855, by Richard Van Antwerp.


The Kinderhook Sentinel

was established at Kinderhook in June, 1825, by Peter Van Schaack, and in Jan. 1832, was changed to

Columbia's Sentinel.

In 1834 it was passed into the hands of John V. A. Hoes, but about 18 months afterward it reverted to Van Schaack.  It has since been changed to the

Rough Notes,

and since 1854 it has been published at Kinderhook, by P. H. Van Vleck.


The Valatie Weekly times

was published in 1853, by H. N. Hopkins.


The Equal Rights Advocate

was started at Chatham Four Corners, by an anti-rent association.  In 1848 it was removed to Hudson and changed to

The Democratic Freeman.

It was discontinued in 1855-56.


The Columbia Co. Journal

was published at Chatham Four Corners in 1850, by Philip H. Ostrander.


The Journal of Materia Medica

was commenced at New Lebanon in 1857; H. A. Tilden, pub., Joseph Bates, M. D., ed.





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