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Columbia County,

New York

     If you have photographs of Columbia County, people, places, buildings, etc. that you would like to contribute, please email Susan J. Mulvey.

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The Old Red Bridge in Chatham, Columbia County.


Contributed by: Jane Wood



Photo of the old covered bridge in Chatham Center.  The home in the background is Jane Wood's  ancestral home, owned by the Williams family.  It was built by Col. Abraham I. Van Alystne of Holland Dutch brick in 1761.

     The text on the bottom reads: "Courtesy of Mrs. Richard F. Mackerer.  The sturdy covered bridge crossing the Kinderhook Creek at Chatham Center.  The photographer taking this picture around 1900 labels it the "Old Bridge."  Does it date from the 1860's?  Note the telephone line near the bridge furnishing communication with the outside world!  Does that power pole to the left carry lines from Henry Speagler's Chatham Center power plant opened in 1857?  The beautiful home standing to the right beyond the creek belonged to Roger William.

Contributed by: Jane Wood



The "Husted" House circa 1870

This home was purchased by Loren "Skip" Burnham in 1945 after he was discharged from the Navy as a decorated veteran.  He returned to Old Chatham and purchased this house in 1946.


and after his renovation.

Skip sold this house and purchased the "Shaker Meeting Hall" and remodeled it and lived there. He purchased the "Riders Mills School House" to store his lumber in it while remodeling the "Shaker House".   The following picture is of the Shaker Meeting House when it was abandoned and used for a corn crib.  Notice the corn on the screened porch.

The historic marker on the road leading to the house, circa 1950.

The sign reads

Friends Meeting House built in 1777

First in Columbia County

These great photos were contributed by Joan Phelps, niece of Loren "Skip" Burnham who remember visiting one summer while he was starting to rebuild it.  He had jacked up and ran a bull dozer under to make a basement.  While Skip lived there, he operated a strawberry farm which he eventually sold but continued as the manager of the farm.


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