Chittenden's Falls


Columbia County,

New York

Capt. Franklin Ellis394



     One mile north from Stockport is the romantic hamlet of Chittenden's Falls.  An excellent water-power of thirty-feet head is here afforded by Kinderhook creek, which was first improved by George Chittenden, formerly one of the proprietors of the Balance of Hudson.  Mr. Chittenden was a practical paper-maker, and was interested in the first mill in the county, at Stuyvesant Falls, in 1801.  In 1809 he put up the second mill in the county, on the west side of the falls, which took his name.  Here he manufactured printing, bank-note, and wrapping-paper, using machinery which was devised by him, and which, though crude, compared with the present machinery, yet produced paper of superior quality.  The mill has been several times enlarged, and is at present supplied with an eighty-four-inch machine and seven engines.  It has not been operated the past few years.

     On the opposite side of the stream is J. W. Rossman's paper-mill, in a substantial brick structure, forty-six by one hundred and fifty-seven feet.  It has been operated in its present condition since 1862, and as a paper-mill since 1846.  Before that time the site was occupied by bleaching and white-lead works.  The mill has a sixty-two-inch and a sixty-eight-inch machine, with four thirty-six-inch engines, and is capable of producing fourteen hundred reams of light wrapping-paper per day.  Twenty-five hands are employed.  Mr. Rossman also controls an excellent water-power on Kinderhook creek, below this point.

     Cut nails were also manufactured by George Chittenden, and an excellent grist-mill was formerly at this place.  Here is also a Universalist-meeting house, which is at present unused.