Civil Government


Columbia County,

New York

Capt. Franklin Ellis384


     Stockport was erected according to an act passed April 20 1833, which provided that the first town-meeting "shall be held at the house of Casparus C. Hoes, May 7, 1833, and that Garrett Burgert, Jeremiah Mandeville, and Ezekiel Butler, or any two of them, may preside at the first meeting in said town, with power to appoint a clerk and keep the polls in said town at such meeting."

     "The property belonging to the towns of Stuyvesant, Ghent, and the city of Hudson, shall continue to belong to said city and towns."

     So much of the act entitled "an act concerning Columbiaville, supplementary to an act concerning the Columbia Manufacturing Society,  of Feb. 21, 1812, passed April 13, 1827, and all acts amendatory thereof, so far as this incorporates the village of Columbiaville, are hereby repealed."

     It was further provided, that the officers within the limits of the new town, elected by the aforementioned towns, shall hold their offices until their terms expire; and that road and bridge funds be equitably divided.

     The officers elected at the first town-meeting were as follows:  Supervisor, George Chittenden; Town Clerk, Charles W. Bentley; Justice of the Peace, Jehoiakim A. Van Valkenburgh, P. B. Backus, Ezekiel Butler; Assessors, Lewis Whitlock, Jeremiah Mandeville, Abraham Burgert, Adolphus Hayward, John Van De Carr; collector, Jonathan Warren; Commissioners of Highways, J. A. Van Valkenburgh, Wm. F. Butler, Russell Judson; Commissioners of Schools, Wm. H. Power, George W. Cook, James Van Alen; Inspector of Schools, John S. Gould, Horatio N. Dryer, Joseph W. Allen; Overseers of the Poor, Thomas Whitlock, John A. Staats; Constables, Jonathan Warren, John S. Gould, John J. Rossman; Sealer of Weights, Ezekiel Butler.

     It was voted that the next meeting be held at the house of Arad Clary.