The Military Record of


Columbia County,

New York

Capt. Franklin Ellis400


          The military record of Stockport is, owing to its recent formation as a town, limited.  In the war for the Union, 1861-65, aid was early extended the government by filling the quota, bounties to volunteers being offered to this end.  At a special meeting, held Sept. 3, 1862, $150 per man was voted, to be secured by a loan on the credit of the town by Charles H. Stott, G. Lathrop, Rensselaer Reynolds, Andrew Moore, and Alfred Ostrom.  The first-named gentleman disbursed $4150 under this provision.  On the 24th day of August, 1864, a $200 bounty was voted at a special meeting, and Vroman Van Rensselaer, Andrew Moore, Charles H. Stott, and Henry S. Van De Carr were authorized to issue the scrip of the town to secure the necessary men; and again, Jan. 20, 1865, a special meeting authorized V. Van Rensselaer, H. S. Van De Carr, B. Van Buren, A. Ostrom, and C. H. Stott as a war committee to use their own judgment in the choice of means to promptly fill the quota by procuring substitutes or volunteers.