Reynolds Family

Biographical Sketch


The History and one line of

descendants of Robert and Mary Reynolds

(1630?-1928) of

Boston, Massachusetts


Marion H. Reynolds

Reynolds Family Association

Published by Reynolds Family Association


Brooklyn, NY

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land," about 1778.  Farmer; mason.  Strong, solid character; typical pioneer.  He once owned land in Petitcodiac, N. B., sold in 1784.  To him descendant Captain Nathaniel's homestead in North Lubec.  Benjamin was known as 'Captain.'  He reared his younger brothers and sisters.  Many of his descendants still live around Lubec and Pembroke, Me.  Ten children; John W.; Benjamin; Betsey; Jotham; Nathaniel; Eunice; Hannah; Lydia; Hopley and Mary Campbell.

502.  MARY, b. April 17, 1757, Marblehead; we know only that she m. a Campbell of Eastport.

503.  LYDIA, b. May 20, 1763, Nova Scotia; d. May, 1874, Valatie or Kinderhook, Columbia, N. Y.; m. 1779, Lubec, Captain Elisha Freeman (1757-1818).  About 1787 or just earlier they removed from Lubec, Me., to Valatie, N. Y., and are found there in the Census of 1790, near Lydia's brother, Nathaniel Reynolds, Jr.  See the Freeman Genealogy, 1875, by Frederic Freeman.  Thirteen children.

504.  SARAH (Sally), we know only that she m. a Pond and lived on Grand Manan Island, not far from Benjamin's home.  She was b. perhaps Falmouth, N. S.

505.  JOHN, b. Falmouth, N. S., about 1760; d. 1813, supposedly murdered on the Hudson River near Weehawken.  Storekeeper and man of considerable property.  He m. Miss Susan DeWolfe, prior to 1800.  Her name also spelled Dolph in 1790 Census of her parents.  John removed about 1790 to Chatham or Valatie, N. Y.  Six children:  Hiram, John, Mary, Russell, Lydia, Sarah.

506.  NATHANIEL, b. July 22, 1765, (or Jul. 17th), Amherst, Nova Scotia; d. Valatie, Jany. 10, 1829, by burning; m. Miss Sarah Gillette.  A full biography follows in the the next chapter.

507.  RAYMOND PARKER, called "Parker" Reynolds, was of the youngest children, date and place of birth unknown, but probably Ft. Cumberland, Amherst, N. S.  Probably did not marry.  "Went to Africa on a slaver and was killed," or "killed by native in South Pacific."

508.  JONATHAN, b. March 7, 1774, Ft. Cumberland, Amherst, N. S.; d. Pembroke, Me., Aug. 30, 1866, aged 92.  He lived in Pembroke, Me., and m. Miss Persis Wilder, March 15, 1795, daughter Captain Theophilus & Lydia (Cushing) Wilder.  Theophilus was in the Revolution.  Jonathan was Deacon in the Congregational Church.  Fourteen children:  Lydia, Bela, Persis, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Benjamin G., Maria S., Mary K., William Kilby, Parker R., Clarissa J., Elisha F., Lemuel Trescott, Alfred.  Many of his descendants still live around Lubec, Pembroke, Dennysville and Eastport, Me.

509.  EUNICE, b. 1776, Ft. Cumberland, Amherst, N. S.; d. Feby. 3, 1861, 'aged 83'; buried Pollet's River, N. B., Canada.  She m. Thomas Colpitts, son of Robert, who came from England.  Information supplied by Sherman L. Colpitts of Pollet's River.  Ten children:  Lydia, Robert, Elizabeth, John N., Sarah, Nathaniel, William, Margaret, Benjamin Reynolds, Jonathan Thomas.