By Capt. Franklin Ellis 226


     As a result of an irregular series of meetings held by ministers from other places, a Methodist class was formed at West Taghkanic (then called Lapham's) by Rev. Lewis McK. Pease in the summer of 1842.  The class was composed of fifteen members:  Ira Williams, Clarissa Williams, Henry Sheldon, Catharine E. Sheldon, Robert A. Roraback, Jane Roraback, Fite Rockefeller, Solomon Avery, Esther Rockefeller, Polly Allen, Leonard Ham, Eleanor Ham, Heena Sheldon, John K. Smith, and Sylvia Smith.

     Ira Williams was the first class-leader, and Henry Sheldon, Robert A. Roraback, and Fite Rockefeller were the first stewards.  The society held their meeting for a while in the school-house, and in the spring of 1843 took steps to build a church.  Mrs. Julia C. Livingston having donated a pleasant site on the high ground east of the creek, a frame church forty by fifty feet in size was erected thereon, at a cost of about $1500.  The sermon at the dedication of this building was delivered by Rev. John Crawford, of Hudson.  This building was used for a period of twenty years, and was then (in 1863) sold to Stephen H. Platner for $150, and he removed it to the village of Blue Store in the town of Livingston.  Work on the second and present church was immediately begun, and, under the charge of Robert L. Burdick, of Hillsdale, was pressed rapidly to completion.  The building is forty by sixty feet, will seat from four to five hundred people, cost about $6500, and was dedicated by Revs. Fox and J. K. Wardle in the fall of 1863.  It is a pleasant little church, and is picturesquely perched upon the side of a hill overlooking the village.

     The parsonage was built in 1843, on a portion of the land procured of Mrs. Livingston.

     The church property is now valued at about $9000.  The present officers of the church are Robert A. Roraback, Solomon Avery, Ira Williams, Leonard Ham, Sr., A. Marshall Myers, Norman Niver, Henry E. Best, Cornelius Ham, John Proper, stewards; Robert A. Roraback, Robert Bush, William Sheldon, Ira Williams, Leonard Ham, A. Marshall Myers, Samuel L. Myers, Solomon Avery, Elias Smith, trustees; George E. Best, class-leader.  The pastors in the order of their service have been as follows, viz.:  Revs. Lewis McKendree Pease, John Campbell, Lorin Clark, Jeremiah Ham, Samuel M. Knapp, Thomas Jerrolds, Aaron Hunt, Jr., Harrison C. Humphrey, Ira Ferris, Thomas Ellis, Joseph Elliott, Aaron Coons, John J. Graw, Thomas Ellis, Henry H. Birkins, Abram Davis, Aaron Coons, J. Chester Hoyt, Robert Hunt, William Hall, R. H. Travis, and William M. Chipp, the present pastor, who began his term of service here in the spring of 1878.  Among the early preachers in this vicinity were Revs. Delos Lull,-----Crispell, Van Wagoner, and Holmes.

     In 1870, Mr. Isaac Shaurman, one of the members living at Glenco Mills, in Livingston, was impressed with the necessity of providing some means of moral and religious training for the children of his neighborhood, who were in the habit of spending the hours of the Sabbath day in play.  To provide a pleasant place where they could employ their time more profitably, he erected a neat and tasty little chapel at a cost of about $2000.  This he named "Glenco Chapel,"  and upon its completion donated it to the "Ebenezer" church.  It was dedicated by Rev. L. H. King, of New York.  In 1873, Mr. Shaurman placed a trust fund of $4300 in the hands of the society to provide an annuity of $300 or more to pay for the services of a pastor to hold services at the chapel.  This was placed in the hands of Ira Williams and Solomon Avery, to be securely invested.

     The present membership of the church is about two hundred.  A Sabbath-school was organized in 1846, and has been pretty steadily maintained until the present.  With the exception, however, of the past year, it has been a summer school only.  It now numbers about ninety scholars, and has a force of twenty-two officers and teachers.  Its library contains over two hundred volumes.  The present officers are Henry E. Best, superintendent; Augustus Ham, secretary; Cornelius Ham, librarian; Robert A. Roraback, treasurer.