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Dutchess, New York,
Local History & Genealogy

1 January 1857
Letter  from Garret B Conklin, Union Vale, Dutchess Co., NY
to his brother Elijah
, Sacramento City, CA
Contributed by Judy Wolf

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Union Vale Jany 1 st 1857

Respected Brother as another year has passed [sic] and gone I wish you a happy New Year hoping you may continue to enjoy all the law allows this leaves us enjoying comfortable health except Father complaining very mutch [sic]of his shoulder it panes [sic] him in nights so that he sleeps but little he cannot use that arm or hand without causing considerable of pain Sister Jane has a very bad cold but today I think she is some better The rest of your relatives and acquaintances are all well as far as I know except Coz Eliza Brinckerhoff she has been quite unwell for a short time but I learned last evening that she is better I hope this may find you enjoying good health and prosperity as usual by the last mail I sent you 8 coupons on Lac[? ] Co. Bonds from Nos. and this I will send you remaining 9 Nos. 221-Amt $500, No 225 $500. No 241 $1000. No 51 $501.06 No 80 $1000 No 179 $327.34 No 126 $250. No. 154 $1094.47 No. 206 $500 I find an error in the number of the coupon I cut from this last Bond that is No 106 and the Bond No 206 as are also all tho [sic] other coupons on it No 206 at first I thought I might have made a mistake somehow but I was at Pokeepsie day before yesterday and examined the papers again and find it as I write you since I wote [sic] you we have had some extreme cold weather for a few days a week ago last Monday a fancy snow storm commenced opperations [sic] and for two days and nights

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It snowed and blowed like fury [sic]so that you may judge have some snow heaps east and best roads are generally heaped full and north and south roads are entirely naked[?] we had to shovel nearly the whole length of our district and as I was alone until a few days past it kept me busy I never saw so mutch­ [sic] snow do so little good the fields was mostly­­ uncoverd [sic] and the traveling so that it was neither sleighing or waggoning [sic] in going to Pokeepsie the other day I had to take a sleigh to LaGrange and then get a waggon [sic] Night before last it commenced snowing and snowed yesterday so that the naked spots are covered up About christmas [sic] quite an excitement was created in consequence a wedding not comeing[sic] off as expected because the chap neglected to attend to the affair but went to a spree at the hollow that (Christmas) Eve the parties was Miss Louiza Wilson formerly of Verbank now residing in Pokeepsie and a Mr Wm Davis of Washingt… Town) Miss W made great preperations [sic] and invited quite a company and most of them attended and had the fun of eating the food things but not of seeing the intended sight. but I hear they have brought the lad to tearms [sic] and were yoked together last Saturday eve Night before last we attended a social party at B. Velies among the guests was Cozns Jno. H and Susan A Brinckerhoff John visits there frequently and it is thought that he and Suzy V will make a team and I suppose should a favorable chance offer we shal [sic] have several new relatives by way of marriage [sic]

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Now[?] S [?] Mandaville is to have his donation the 8 th Just when we my expect to have particular cold spell as usual our preacher got $134 besides quite an amount in eatables &c [etc?] Christmas I celebrated by shoveling snow to my satisfaction alone and today I have played gentleman by feading [sic] oats through the machine had a good turkey to dine off of and this evening finds me as comfortable as the law allows for an old fellow Today is the first of our thrashing. I had been waiting some time for Father to get able to help so that we nead [sic] not hire but one hand Yesterday an Irish boy about 18 years old came along and beged [sic] to work this winter for his board and a pair of boots so I thought to try him at his offer he appears very handy and willing thus far Cash works by the day for 4/-[?] when we want him so that I can get along without Fathers help This evening I received your letters of Dec 4 th and ___ from it was glad to hear that you was well and flourishing as usual I see that you was some disappointed from the way that politics have resulted but it's to [sic] late to cry for split milk as to your request about sending you County warrants I will endavour [sic] to comply with the request by the next mail We also received papers from you as usual as I write Jane and Amelia are playing dominoes and bothering me all they can with their gab by saying tel [sic] Lige we wish him a happ [sic] New year ask Lige if he has worn out his thick coat he took with him (Father has just had one made form [sic] the same piece of cloth) Jane says tell him if he does not come back before long I will come out

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And keep house for him provideing [sic] he will pay my passage also many other nonsensical things that you would not care to hear The rest of the family are enjoying themselves eating cakes and cheese apples tc [etc?] Therefore you may well suppose we are enjoying a happy New Year in old fashion style I must close this scribling [sic]so that I may have a chance with the rest of the pigs

I remain as ever yours tc [sic] Garret B Conklin


Elijah Conklin

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