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Dutchess, New York,
Local History & Genealogy

28 December 1855
with January 1, 1856 Addendum Letter included

Letter  from Garret B Conklin, Union Vale, Dutchess Co., NY
to his brother Elijah
, Sacramento City, CA
Contributed by Judy Wolf

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Union Vale Dec 28 th 1855

Respected Brother as the time is near at hand for me according to former custom to address you I will commence the performance by wishing you a merry Christmas. I should not have wrote you at this early date but I expect should nothing happen wind and weather permiting [sic] I and Amelia intend to start to-morrow to hold New Years and may not return in time to write you near the departure of the mail. Now Boy I suppose you would like to know where we expect to be gone to so long on one spree (which I admit will be new for me) We have an invitation from some acquaintance of ours, a Mr. Warrings young folks in Orange County about four miles from New Burgh to come and spend New Years with them also to attend a wedding near there which [the word which is crossed out] the marriage of a preachers daughter which is to take place in the church. We [? Erasure] also intend visiting Uncle J H Brinckerhoff on the way in company with Mr. Lafaett [sic] Todd and Sister. This leaves us all in very good health Mother is quite smart for her James family are all comfortable Davids health is improving so that he rides up here often and not long since when we had a lot of company one evening he and Jane was here and staid [sic] all night The rest of your relatives and acquaintances were all well as far as I am informed and hope this will find you enjoying usual good health &c [etc]

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The young folks generally are very quiet although a marriage occasionally occurs Alfred Moors daughter Ruth was married last Wednesday eve to Jessy Skidmore (son of Beekman. From presant [sic] prospects G [C?] B Vail is thinking of taking [?] him a rib he is paying unusual attention to Miss S. J. Todd and unless he alters his mind a she has done frequently before I think it will amount to something funny and I think he has about run his race and made all the show his means would allow for according to some of his relatives talk he has got to the bottom of his heap for they say he has but little more than his horses waggon [sic] &c [etc.] and some are telling that lately there has clame [sic] from California come on him for debts contracted there. but this may all be talk keep dark on the subject. Charley has flirted with most of the young girls in this section and a few of the children were crazy after him but some of the older and wiser ones have had but little to do with him since he left the store he has lived idle made his home at Egberts and he has been following about the same track that S[?] Cowles took and some predict his stoping [sic] at about the same place. Platt is in Cal I learn very correct that there has been debts sent here for collection (that he has contracted in Cal .) That will take considerable more than he has here to pay them. The claims are in favour of Wm Sweet Reynolds and Dennis with the former they have settled and the others may have to go without. I forgot to mention in my last to you that Wm Sweet had lately returned

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The first part of the month I traded our buggy-waggon [sic] with Mark H. Wheeler for a top waggon [sic] that Geo Dunkin had made before you left I agreed to give $30. to boot after we had traded a few days he come to trade back sick enoughf [sic] and said on account of his wifes not likeing [sic] the trade he wanted to trade back so to save some of the fellows wool I let him have his back and was not sorry as it needed considerable of expense laying out on it to make it serviceable and respectable a fiew [?] after the trade back I went to Pokeepsie and traded for a top waggon [sic] that had been run two years had been lately cleaned and varnished it is such a waggon [sic] as D Storms silver plate patent exels [sic] ____ leather top seat trimed [sic] with leather with thilo[?] pole tonuge [sic] wipple trees etc all in complete running order I paid $50 to boot which is considerable better than my firs [sic] trade The waggon [sic] we had neaded [sic] repairing and I thought best to let some one else do it. A week ago last Thursday we killed hogs // two old ones in the lot the whole weighed between 1900 & 2000 we sold 1350 for $8/2 per hund. in Pokeepsie. daybefore [sic]yesterday I took off our geese and chickens sold for 10/2cts per lb. On that day I bot [sic] us a new fanning mill of Bryans make a very nice looking machine have not used it cost $24. The weather the past month has been rainy as usual no snow nor prospect of any on Christmas it rained like fun and froze like dunder so that now a fellow required a cane in each hand and britching on both ways to keep in a standing shape

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I received your letter of Nov15th Dec 19th and was glad learn that you was able to keep joging[sic] Also received papers at the same time I will now hold on for next year

And ever remain yours &c [etc]. G B Conklin

E Conklin

Jany 1 st 1856 [sic]

Dear Brother I wish you a happy new year hopeing [sic] you may continue to enjoy usual good health and prosperity through the same as we have returned home before the departure of this sheat [sic] and some if it not scribbled up I thought I would do so by giveing [sic] you a brief history of our visit before spoken of. We left home as expected went by way of Col. Todds Lafett declined going so I had to take Sue as the traveling was roughf [sic] and slipery [sic] I had a chance of trying my new waggon [sic] for I had three sollid [sic] fellows on board and two horses before it and it rides and runs fine We had a fine snow storm to go most of the way in arrived there safe and found them all well. next morning found the ground the ground [the second “the ground” crossed out] covered with snow to the depth of about six inches. We loaded up Uncles large top sleigh and went to meeting to Mattawan [sic] in the afternoon went to Hackensack next morning went to the landing to see if we could cross the river but found we could not do so with a team so we gave up the Orange Co. visit and hold New Years in Old Dutchess. Monday afternoon a load of us took a ride to Mattawean to Fishkill Village and then home Wm ??ckham came down on Sunday Wesley was home on Monday we held New Years by feasting on a fine roast Turkey Tuesday morning Wm I went home and carried Sue T [or S?]. home and the rest of us went riding and visiting in the evening we went to Joseph Cromwell at five corners had a fine visit and met with a Son of his that had the day before arrived from California he appeared to be a very sociable fine fellow had been to Cal 7 years has been in the merchantile [sic] business. On the middle fork of the American river 12 miles from Colloma says he was frequently at Sac. City for goods but never came across you he knew well where the county officeses [sic] are and said a former Recorder had been a partner of his. he intends returning in about two months and said he would call and see you his given name is Elias. I have enquired [sic] but can hear of no one that is going to Cal . from this section. Jany 2 nd we have this day arrived home safe Olive Goodsell came with us and found all things right side up with care so note it be

ever yours ~ ~ G B Conklin

E Conklin

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