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Dutchess, New York,
Local History & Genealogy

3 July 1856
Letter  from Garret B Conklin, Union Vale, Dutchess Co., NY
to his brother Elijah
, Sacramento City, CA
Contributed by Judy Wolf

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Envelope: from Oswego Village , NY July 4; to Elijah Conklin, Sacramento City , California

Note on envelope: Rec'd Aug 15/56; ans Aug 19/56

page 1:

Union Vale July 3 rd /56

Respected Brother with pleasure I again write a few lines to inform you how things are progressing in this section I received your letter of June 4 th yesterday and from it was very glad to hear that you was in comfortable health and from appearance in better frame of mind than you had been when writing to me recently and I hope after you have received all the letters I have sent you will come to the conclusions I have not been so dishonest carless [sic] or wilfully [sic] negligent in conducting your business as you once thought or imagined. The list of Sac Co Bonds and Warrants contained in your last letter compared with a list I have and find they compare exactly with one exception In the two first Co Warrants you sent me No 679 & 849 you make the Amt $1338.75 I make the Amt $1338.85 No. 679 $1217.25. No. 849 $121.6? although I might have made a mistake in copying on my book which I will accertain [sic]. After speaking of the careless manner of my answering your letter (which sincerely hope I may not be guilty of again) you say if I would do as you do in noteing [sic] on each letter the time of receipt &c[etc] I would keep business mutch [sic] better than I do now all I have to say is that I have never received a suryle [sic] letter from you but I have dated on it the time of receipt and for a long time kept a record of letters sent you and had you

Page 2:

At the commencement of sending me your Co papers informed me in what to have answered then (which it was your place to do) it might have saved you some nunesiness [sic] and me many unpleasant feellings [sic] but as you remarked in your last I hope things will all come out right and satisfactory to you. As our mail leaves tomorrow morning and next day the Cal mail leaves NY and in consequence of sickness in Jane's family I cannot by this mail send you the papers you wished as they are in Pokeepsie but unless something should happen to hinder me I will be sure to send them by the next mail which leaves the 20 th and by the mail following I will send you the single one you spoke of. I will endeavour to answer all papers you may choose to send to my care as soon as possible and in the manner you may direct Sister Jane's husband if living cannot last but a short time he has been complaining about three weeks but able to attend to his business until a week ago last Sunday when he sent for a physician he thought he had taken cold but was not considered dangerous until Sunday last I was there twice that day to see him he appeared quite comfortable but at night he was taken delerious [sic] they sent for two physicians The disease appeared to be tending to the head The doctors put him under treatment he then was quite comfortable and had his senses until about Monday noon when another kind of doctor that had been sent for come and commenced doctoring his way and since then

Page 3:

He has been failing very fast since Tuesday noon he has not had his senses any of the time and for two days he has not been expected to live from one moment to another at first his whole nervous system appeared to be affected although from the commencement he has complained of pain in his head and back for a few days past his throat has swollen very mutch [sic] and for twenty four hours he has not swallowed any nourishment so that if so it may be properly termed a combination of diseases I was fearful this move to the city would be a bad one as it has turned out he has done an unusual amount of business for that place considerable more than I ever saw done there before and has had no help except Jane and Robt. and Jane has had to work very hard considering her delicate health alth [sic] she keeps a hired girl. I expect Jane will break up house keeping an [sic] come home and her girl will work for us The one we got last spring has been absent near three weeks in consequence of sickness of a relative so that Amelia has to work pretty hard and since David has been sick some of us have been there considerable of the time Father has been there nearly all day today and has gone down this Eve. This leaves us all in comfortable health and hope it may find you the same. Mother is enjoying very good health mutch [sic] better than I ever expected she would so that she rides out frequently and goes out in the cow yard and milks a cow or two when it is pleasant The rest of your relatives were all well when last heard from Amelia and I came from

Page 4:

Uncle J A Brinckerhoffs week ago last Sunday I never saw the family look so well Coz M. C. B went with us to visit our Orange Co. acquantances [sic] had a very good visit we visited the head quarters of Gen. Washington at New Burgh For over a week past the weather has been quite hot but previous to that it had been cold we had to plant our corn over as did allmost [sic] every one else we planted it 10 th June but some planted after that but corn looks well considering we commenced mowing the 1 st Inst grass I think will not be very heavy after that generally I sowed our Buckwheat today the ground is now very dry and grass begins to dry some Father has returned David is yet living but thinks he cannot till morning near night he come to so that he appeared to know Jane and shook hands with her but could not speak but reason soon fled. Friday morning July 4 th David is yet living and is about the same a [sic] and to all appearances may last several hours. Last night we had a fine shower and this morning it rains finely you may expect a letter from me by the next mail. I will now close

And ever remain yours &c [etc] G.B. Conklin

E. Conklin

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