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Dutchess, New York,
Local History & Genealogy

3 November 1856 Letter
Letter  from Garret B Conklin, Union Vale, Dutchess Co., NY
to his brother Elijah
, Sacramento City, CA
Contributed by Judy Wolf

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Union Vale Nov 3 rd 1856

Respected Brother It is with pleasure that I again address these lines to inform you that we are all at this time enjoying comfortable health and all able to take our grub when we can find it although I have been limping with a Jobes comforter on my ring hand near my wrist joint for near a week past it has been quite troublesome but I have continued to keep moveing[sic] and it is now quite comfortable this morning I had the luck to cut the thumb on my right hand as far as the bone would admit so that now one hand cannot laugh at the other your relatives and acquaintances are all well as far as I am informed and getting along as well as the law allows as to all appearances the weather the past month has been mostly very pleasant with a few cold spells we have got our new hog pen and sheep house completed except some finishing that I intend to do the pen is 14 feet by 24 feet and is built of very substantial materials The sheep house is 14 feet by 32 feet and 14 feet posts and when finished will be such a building as we have long needed I have had Abm Gray to help fix them we have got in but 5 loads of corn is very good but not very dry most of the corn is yet to husk

Quite a serious accident happened in the Town of LaGrange last Thursday night J. [I?] b Billings wife had been to Pokeepsie[sic] with G Talmage and on their return when near the Henry Baker's Mill


The night being extremely dark Mrs B requested Mr T to get out and lead the horses over the bridge which he did and in attempting to get in his feet became entangled in the lines the horses started suddenly throwing him down draged [sic] him some distance bruising him considerable he then lost his hold of the team and they started on the run with the woman in the waggon [sic] she kept in until near Danl Billings and either from being thrown or jumping out the back part of her head was badly fractured so that she was found insensable [sic] and remained so until Friday morning when she expired yesterday her funeral was attended by a very large congregation at the Trinity Church of which she was a member Yesterday afternoon Richard Christy was Intered [sic] at Oswego Village he resided with Adm Dorland Today the school at Oswego Village commences for the winter under the former propriator [sic] J H Olivit Uncle J H Brinckerhoff has been up to fetch his two youngest boys to attend school they boad [sic] there Robt attends the school and boards there he and the carpenters leaving reduces our family to 7 which is one less than it has been since Jane has moved home and soon Mother expects to spare her hired girl and when our hired mans time is out we shal [sic] have but a smal [sic] family. Rufus Potter Junior[?] has traded all his Oswego Village property for a farm on the east mountain a part of the land occupied formerly by J S [G?] Clark he (Potter) traded with S V Frost

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Davids farm was sold for $62.50 per acre Egbert Vail bot [sic] it for his brother Charles who intends to return from the west and occupy it then I expect we shall see some fancy farming and splendid house keeping by his fro [sic] I learn they are both home sick especially

His deary and I am not the least disappointed for I think neither of will be suited a long while at a time if they have to endure hardships or labour mutch [sic] for a living. The rest of Ds moveable property sold for a good price The store property has not been sold they have reserved about ten acre of lad [sic] near the village to sell for the accommodation of the store if desired Rufus has been employed to sell the goodsbut thye have now stoped [sic] the business and I suppose intend soon to sell the goods at Auction There are several that are talked of as wanting the store and property but who will be the owner is to be seen I received your letter of Sept 14 th Oct 15 th and from it was glad hear that you continued to enjoy good health &c [etc] and hope this will find you the same we also received papers and by the last mail we received papers as usual but I did not receive a letter from you as formerly in which I was disappointed as it was your regular time for writing To morrow [sic] is election in this State and the excitement is more than usual and many that have not cast a vote for a great number of years will do so now for Fremont Freedom and Liberty

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But who will be who and what will be what a few anxious hours to many will show and from what I can learn a great many that have been foremost in the democratic ranks have come out from party influences and intend to vote for the best interests of our country.

Ever yours &c [etc] Garret B Conklin


Elijah Conklin

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