Dutchess, NY Births

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Note:  There has been much confusion over the dates in Quaker records. Friends used numbered months and days rather than what they considered pagan names for them (i.e. "Thursday" coming from "Thor's Day").  Thus, when the secular calendar was changed in 1752, making January the first month instead of March, Friends began calling January "First Month".  However, some historians and genealogists who did not understand the Friends' system or did not know about the 1752 calendar change, have made errors in transcribing these dates.  In some cases, they have transcribed a pre-1752 date as "January" when it should have been "March."  In others, they have continued to call "First Month" "March" after 1752. We recommend, therefore, that whenever possible, you compare what you find here to the original records. Many thanks to Joy Weaver for finding the proper wording for this.

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