Baptist Church Cemetery, Bangall

Transcribed by Nettie J. Stickles

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If you have any questions or additions, please feel free to contact me.

Cemetery on Cold Spring Road just off Rt. 82 on left side of road.

Condition of cemetery: Grounds are kept mowed. Stones for the most part are in poor shape. Many broken, many on ground buried under dirt.

Signs of past repairs done on some stones, most now rebroken.

Repairs done with metal bracing.

Transcribed as I could read them.

In Memory of Mary wife of Abraham Palmer who died Nov. 17, 1823 in the 24, year of her age

In Memory of Sarah the wife of Melancton Cormwell who died March 16th 1803 aged 31 years 8 months and 10 day

In Memory of Zachariah Story who died April 30th 1811 the 79th year of his age

In Memory of Mary Story wife of Z. Story who died July 27th 1812 being in the 76th year of her age

(Also small marker M.S.)

In Memory of Jemima wife of Daniel McAlpine who died August 29th 1812 Aged 53 years

(Also small marker J M A)

In Memory of Zechariah who died March 15, 1837 aged 80 years 3 mos & 2 days

In Memory of Elizabeth wife of Zechariah Story who died Dec 14. 1846 aged? years, 7 mo & 13 days

In Memory of? son of? & Esther Story who died Nov 11? 11ys? m & 29 dys

In Memory of Mary Story who died April 12th 1804 aged 8 years

Catharine Park died Mar. 4 1884 Aged 84 years 8 mos & 16 d's

In Memory of Deborah Parks who died Aug 2 1830 aged 64 years

In Memory of Catharine wife of David Parks who died April 4 1846 in the 80 year of her age

In Memory of Henry Lake who died March the 17th 1819 Aged 41 years 11 months and 11 days

In Memory of Anna wife of Jared Rundel who died January 20th 1799 aged 33 years

Jared Rundle NY Militia 6 REGT Rev War Apr 23 1750 Mar 10 1812

(Vet. Stone)

In Memory of Jared Rundle who died March the 10th 1812 in his 62d. year of his age

Abraham Rundle Corp 6 Regt NY Militia Rev War 1716 1799

(Vet. Stone)

In Memory of Mercy wife of Abraham Rundel who Died March 13th 1809 in the 88th year of her age

In Memory of Abraham Rundal who died March 14 1799 Ag 83

In Memory of? wife of Jared Rundel who died Sept 28th 1792 aged 39

In Memory of Rachel Knap who departed this life February 14th 1809 in the 90th year

In Memory of Isarah Edget who departed this life May the 8th 1812 in the 42nd year of his age.

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Transcribed and Contributed by Nettie Stickles

Updated December 5, 1999

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