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Bockee-Wheaton Grounds

Transcribed by Nettie Stickles

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Transcribed and read by Nettie Stickles

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Sign in front reads: Bockee-Wheaton Ground

No. of Inscriptions 48

1st Inscription 1776

This is the private burial place of the families of Hon. Isaac Smith and Abraham Bockee

If you are coming from Pine Plains take Cty. Rt. 83 towards Shekomeko. Go through the town of Shekomeko and continue on Cty. Rt. 83. You will go past Dunromin Arabian horse farm. About ½ mile more or less on the right side of the road you will see a sign for Hunns Lake Road, Cty. Rt. 65, if you look to the left there is the burying ground.

The cemetery is in two sections one on the right and one on the left. It is in very good condition. Surrounded by a stone wall, the grass is cut and well kept. There are a couple of stones that are broken and some that are sinking below ground and tipped forward. There were a couple that were to worn to read.

These inscriptions are copied as I could read them. Any thing in ( ) is because I was not sure or my own words.

On the right side of the cemetery:

Elizabeth P. Bockee



David Cornell Link



Margaret Bockee Link


(There was a small foot stone a few feet in front of the above stone that said "Phoebe")


Piller stone with a cross on top:


Emily Catharine


Jacob Bockee


Phoebe O. Bockee


Phoenix Bockee (accent over the first e)


his wife

Elizabeth Pugsley


Maria P. Bockee


a small marker with the name Maria


Robert Coby

May 26, 1914-

Julia Bockee

Dec. 15, 1914-Sept. 18, 1996

Married Sept. 18, 1937 (she died on their wedding anniversary)

In Memory of Jacob Bockee Junr (the r was smaller and above and to the right of the n)

Who Died 24th, Nov, 1810 aged 22 years and 12 days

In memory of Catharine J. Wife of Augustus Flint & daughter of Abraham & Martha Bockee, who died April 9, 1843 aged 32 yrs

Oakley Bockee died March 23, 1844 AE 25 yrs & 2 da.

Small marker A. B. or O. B.

Childs stone could not read name but it could be Catharine E. Bockee aged 1 year & 11 mo. Died June 13 or 15, 1811 or 1844

Small stone M. O.

Small stone "Our Little Carrie" no other writing

Isaac Smith Bockee


Sarah Robbins Starr

His wife


In memory of Maria the wife of Abraham Bockee Efqr. (the f is used in place of the s. The r was above and to the right of the q.) who died Jan.y (the y was above and to the right of the n) 28th 1776, aged 61 years 6 months and 24 days.

In memory of Abraham Bockee Efq.r (same as above) who died Jan.y 22d 1776, aged 59 years

In memory of Catharine wife of Jacob Bockee who died Sept 20 1826 AE (60 or 65) yrs 3 mo & 27 da

Sacred to the memory of Jacob Bockey who died Oct. 19, 1819 aged 62

Margaret P. Bockee died Feb. 22, 1853

Abraham Bockee died June 1, 1865 Aged 81 yrs.

Martha Oakley wife of Abraham Bockee died Feb. 6, 1866 Aged 75 yrs

In memory of Johnathan G. Lewis who departed this life February 7th (11) 1811 aged 35 years 1 month and 12 days

Died Aug. 13, 1825 Shoenise son of Abraham & Martha Bockee (small stone, age not given)

In memory of Daniel Lewis who died November 5, 1845 in the 71 (75) year of his age.

In memory of Ruth widow of Daniel Lewis who died April 6, 1834 (54) aged 76 years 3 mo. & 9 d’s

Susan M. Lewis Died May 25, 1855, aged 49 years 5 mo. & 16 d’s

Small markers D.L. R.L. S.M.L.

Hannah Thorne widow of Gilbert Thorne DIED Sept. 18, 1856 aged 75 years


Isaac Smith Born Dec. 15, 1815, Died March 26, 1858

Sacred To The Memory of Isaac Smith Esq. Who departed This LIFE July 10, 182(5) aged ( ?) years 11 months & 15 days

PHEBE Relict of Isaac Smith Born Oct 11, 1777, Died Dec 16, 1853

Four sided stone:

On the front on the stone:

Sacred to the memory of Margaret Platt Brinckerhoff wife of Stephen L. Brinckerhoff and daughter of Isaac and Phebe Smith who departed this life on the 18, of March 1818 aged 17 years, 11 months and 13 days

On the left side:

S. L. Brinckerhoff Died Jan. 31st 1882 aged (89) years

There is writing on the other 2 sides but I could not read it. It was not names or dates)


To The Memory of Phebe daughter of Isaac & Phebe Smith who Died January 6th 1832. Aged 24 years

In memory of Freelove Mitchell wife of Uriah Mitchell who died May 7, 1827 aged 75 years 3 months & 10 days

In memory of Daniel Lewis Smith son of Ifaac and Phebe Smith who died March 28th 1800 aged 1year 10 months and 9 days (f in place of s)

In memory of Platt Smith who departed this life November 4th 1798 aged 44 years 5 months and 28 days

In memory of Margaret wife of John Miller who departed this life October the 8th 1702 (92) aged 25 years (6) months and (23) days

In memory of Isaac Smith Efq.r (f in place of s and r above and to the right of the q) who died May the 29th 1795 aged 72 years 8 months & 20 days


In memory of Margaret wife of Ifaac Smith Efq.r who died Auguft 10th 1791 Aged 62 years 11 months & 25 days


Four sided stone: WHEATON

On the front

Louisa Smith wife of Homer Wheaton

Born March 29, 1805

Died May 21, 1863

Requiescat in pace (copied how it is written)

On the right side:

Isaac Smith son of Homer & Louisa S.

Born Nov. 5 1831

Died Nov 19 1872

On the left side:

Homer Wheaton

Born Dec 15 (13) 1804 (1814)

Died Nov 12, 1894

Sacred to the memory of Mr. James Pugfly (f in place of s) (stone tipped over and half in the ground)

In memory of Samuel Pugsley who died November the 7th 180(4) aged 79 y and 7 months (stone tipped over toward ground)

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Transcribed and Contributed by Nettie Stickles

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