Family Ground, Peters Farm, Dutchess, NY

Transcribed by Holice B. Young


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Family Ground

CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: On the farm of Thomas E. Peters, one mile north of Poughquag.
CONDITION: Overgrown and deserted.
INSCRIPTIONS: 20 in number. Eight, copied August 22, 1914, by J. W. Poucher, M. D., and Mrs. Poucher. Twelve, reported by W. A. Eardeley.
REMARKS: Richardus Cornell came to Dutchess County from Long Island about the middle of the eighteenth century and is said to have owned and occupied this farm. In 1916 William A. Eardeley of Brooklyn, N. Y., reported to the editors that in 1904 he had copied the inscriptions in this ground, his list including those found in 1914 by Dr. Poucher, plus twelve others.

Cornwell, Abigail P., dau. of James & Chloe d. 1837, Dec. 7, a. 21-4-7
Cornwell, Chloe, w. of James d. 1858, Nov. 25, a. 70 y
Cornwell, James d. 1851, Dec. 6, a. 67--1-25
McLees, James d. 1809, Apr. 7, a. 35 y. 4 m
McLees, Mary, w. of James d. 1829, July 16, a. 51-11-25
McLees, Matilda, dau. of James, Jr. d. 1827, May 1, a. 28 y. 22 d
McLees, Richard d. 1830, Dec. 8, a. 22 y. 22 d
Wedge, Sarah, w. of Stephen. Reported by William A. Eardeley. d. 1852, June 24, a. 74 y
Cornwell, Charity, dau. of Richard & Elizabeth d. 1756, Oct. 8, a. 3-3-7
Cornwell, Charles, s. of Richard & Elizabeth d. 1762, A. (5 or 15). Broken stone
Cornwell, Daniel, s. of Richard & Elizabeth d. 1752, Dec. 23, a. 1-11-19
Cornwell, Elizabeth d. 1792, a. 82 y. 5 d
Cornwell, Elizabeth d. 1770, Mar. 4, a. 21 y
Cornwell, Jacob b. 1747, July 3, d. 1767, May 8
Cornwell, Richard d. 1793-4, Sep. 13, a. 85 y
Cornwell, Samuel d. 1761, Jan. 8, a. 10 y. 4 d
Cornwell, Thomas d. 1767, May 8, a. 10 y. 3 m
King, Joseph d., s. of William & Sarah d. 1818, Dec. 19, in 47th y., killed by a wagon
Peters, Fred  
Peters, Rev. William Henry  

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Transcribed by Holice B. Young

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