Chestnut Ridge In Millbrook and Friends Ground and Chestnut Ridge Friends’ Meeting House Cemeteries

Stones Read and Transcribed
by Nettie J. Stickles


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Chestnut Ridge In Millbrook, Land Posted by Millbrook Hunt Club.

Location:  Coming off 343 about ½ mile on Right. About 50 feet past a driveway

Known as "Davis Ground" located in the Town of Washington

Name, Date of Death and Stats.

Inscriptions & Notes

Leonard Davis, Died Dec. 27, 1866; Age 52yrs, 1mo, 26ds Rest in Peace dear husband
The faith and care is over
And I hope again to meet you
Where sorrow is never more
Weighty Davis, Died July 18, 1831; Age 22 years & 1 day Exceled by her father A. Davis, (Could not read the rest)
Anna Wife of Henry Manchester
In Memory of Martha Davis Wife of Joseph Davis
? daughter of James and Anna Hott She died April 17th 1805; Aged 36 years 9 months  

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Friends Ground: Chestnut Ridge Friends’ Meeting House. Listed as the Town of Dover

Location:  County Route 23 Chestnutridge Road at Intersection with CR 24 Halls Cors Road

James Germond, Died Aug. 22, 1866; AE 77yrs. Our Dear Father
Our Dear Mother (Could not read the rest)
Benjamin F. Butler, Died April 13, 1902; Aged 52yrs 7 mos. 5 Ds  
Anor, Died July 10, 1867; In the 77yr of her life Wife of Joseph Butler
Joseph Butler, Died Sept 27, 1854; In the 79yr of his life  
Peter E., Died April 3rd 1868; AE 13yrs 10m 21d son of Peter L. & Mary Butler
Peter L. Butler, Died Dec 1 1876; AE 76yrs 11mo 21dy  
Robert D. Butler, Died July 16, 1902; Aged 56yrs 11mos, 12 Ds  
Cordelia Hall, Died July 1 1876; Aged 57yrs  
Joseph Hall, Born Dec 2, 1834; Died Oct 20, 1866  
Isaac Hall, Died April 10, 1867; Aged 82yrs Son of Isaac & Mary Hall
Mary, Died may 19, 1890; Aged 91yrs Wife of Isaac Hall
Elenor Rogers, Died Feb 5, 1863; Aged 88yrs & 8mos  
Silas Howard, Co I 150 NY; Died June 2, 1892; Aged 75yrs 5mos 12days (There was a new little American Flag in front of this stone)
David Howard, Co I 150 NY; Died May 7, 1885; Age 70yrs 2mos 16days (There was a new little American Flag in front of this stone)
Calvin Cutler, Died May 6, 1886; Aged 88yrs 11mos 19dys  
Kaziah, Died April 26, 1858; Aged 61yrs 2mos 17dys Wife of Calvin Cutler
Isabel, Died April 2, 1799; AE 28yrs 10mos Wife of David Tallman
Margaret, Died Jan 18, 1848; AE 86yrs 6mo Wife of David Tallman
Jonathan Huestis, Died Jan 10, 1833; AE 82  
Jonathan Huestis, Jr, Died June 28, 1815 A marker with the initials H. I
Anna, Born ??? 22; Died Feb 1 1853 Wife of Benjamin Hammond
Catharine Russell, Died Nov 15 1853; AE 11yrs  
Note by the Transcriber/Stone Reader:  These were copied as I could read them. Both burial grounds are in very bad shape, overgrown, buried and broken stones.

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Copyright Nettie Stickles, September 1999

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