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Pine Plains
Moravian Mission


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Classification: Historical monument.
Location: three miles south of the village of Pine Plains, at the site of the Moravian Mission to the Indians.
Condition: Within a railing, on top of a hill in an open field.
Inscriptions: 1 in number, Copied October 20, 1914, by J. W. Poucher. M. D. This site lies within lot No. 12 of the Little Nine Partners Patent. The general locality was known by the indian term Shekomeko (variously spelled), translated "Little Mountain" and also "Eel Stream" or "Place of Eels". Moravian Missionaries came in 1740 to the Indian village at this point and erected several buildings and made numerous converts. The influx of white settlers in the next few years drove the Indians and the missionaries to a new mission site on the east side of Indian Pond over the Connecticut state line.


North face:"Shekomeko Mission commenced August 16, 1740.Erected by Moravian Historical Society October 5, 1859." South face: "In memory of the American Indians:----


Baptized Dec. 1, 1742, Died Dec. 5, 1742,


Baptized Dec. 29, 1742, Died march 20, 1744."

West Face

"Hier ruhet Gottlob Buttner der nach den befehl seines Gottes am Kreutz den Heiden die Botschaft, brachte das ihre sunden durch das Blut Jesu versohnt sind, welches sie auch angenomen und sich in den Tod des Herrn haben Taufen lassen. Sein leztes Flehen war, das sie Alle mochten behalten werden, bis auf den Tag Jesu christi. Er war geboren den XXXIXsten December MDCCXVI, (v.s.), und entschlief im Herrn am XXIIIsten Februar MDCCXLV, (v.s.)."

 East Face:

Here lies the body of Gottlob Buettner, who, according to the command of His crucified God and Savior, brought the glad tidings to the heathen, that The blood of Jesus had made an atonement for their sins. As many as embraced this doctrine in faith, were baptized into the death of the Lord. His last prayer was that they might be preserved until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was born December 19th, 1716, and fell asleep in the Lord February 23, 1745."


August 24, 2000

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