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Tyler Ground


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CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: Above the Barrytown station of the N. Y. C. & H. R. R., east of the railroad.
CONDITION: When visited, the land had recently been purchased by the railroad company and the bodies removed to the Lutheran Cemetery, Red Hook.
INSCRIPTIONS: 5 in number, Copied by J. W. Poucher, M. D.; in August, 1916.
REMARKS: Known as the Tyler Ground.

Tyler, George Calvert

b. 1814, Feb. 25, d. 1865, Apr. 17, a. 51-1-23.

Tyler, Jane Ann Waldron

d. Apr. 6, a. 71-3-19.

Tyler, Nathan Peabody

b.1784, Feb. 16, d. 1864, Dec. 4.

Tyler, Persis Lovejoy

b. 1789, Jan. 17, d. 1878, May 16.

Whyte, Harriet Ida Tyler

w. of David G., b. 1845, Dec. 15, d. 1876, Aug. 19.


August 24, 2000

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