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Friends Ground, Oswego #2, Stanford


Special Thanks to Holice Young for transcribing this work!

Friends Ground, Oswego #2, Stanford

Moore, Alfred d. "9 mo. 29, 1881." A. 76-1-9.
Moore, Andrew d. "9mo. 4, 1842," a. 5-4-17.
Moore, Anna Maria d. "1 mo., 25, 1844," a. 3-10-16.
Moore, Charlotte b. "1 mo. 30, 1806," d. "1 mo. 30, 1892."
Moore, Lottie E d. "9 mo. 20, 1851," a. 3-2-28
Moore, Phebe Willetts w. of Alfred A., d. "12 m., 3, 1901," a. 58 y.
Moore, Ruth w. of Stephen, d. "12 m. 16, 1869," in 92nd y.
Moore, Stephen d. ‘6 mo. 9, 1851," in 77th y.
Morey, James P d. 1876, Apr. 8, a. 68-4-27.
Morey, Mary Etta d. 1874, Dec. 22, a. 35 y.
Osborn, William, b. 1808, May 14, in Kennington, England, d. 1872, Dec. 16.
Ostrander, Carrie A. Downing w. of Harvey H., d. 1881, Dec. 18, a. 24-3-15
Patterson, Crumaline V d. 1892, Apr. 16, a. 73 y.
Pearsall, Mary W w. of Thomas, Jr., d. "9 of 9 mo. 1829," a. 31 y.
Pearsall, Thomas, Jr d. "27 of 9 m. 1830," a. 23 y.
Perkins, Cyrus d. 1870, May 20, a. 70-7-21.
Perkins, Mary w. of Cyrus, d. 1849, Aug. 25, a. 44 y. 3 m.
Perkins, M. Elizabeth d. 1867, Nov. 5, a. 21-4-21.
Place, Ann dau. of Alfred & Elizabeth, d. 1852, Oct. 3, a. 2-2-18.
Potter, Amy  
Potter, Ann d. 1826, a. 16-2-10.
Potter, Ann w. of Joseph, d. 1833, Apr. 28, a. 73 y.
Potter, Anthony  
Potter, Beekman d. 1812, Apr. 1, a. 18 y
Potter, Dencey d. 1834, in 65th y.
Potter, Eliza  
Potter, Joseph d. 1825, Nov. 24, a. 67 y.
Potter, Mary d. 1834, a. 22-2-6.
Potter, Phebe H b. 1828, Jan. 30, d. 1890 May 29.
Potter, Sarah L  
Potter, Thomas d. 1813, in 13th y.
Potter, William b. 1818, Nov. 28, d. 1892, July 7.
Quimby, Sarah Barmore w. of Underhill, d. "1, 12, 1896," a. 82 y.
Skidmore, Andrew A d. "11 m. 11, 1865," a. 66-2-12.
Skidmore, Eliza w. of Andrew A., d. 4 mo. 12, 1895," a. 87-7-26.
Spencer, Martha Purdy wid. of James, d. 1884, Sep. 9, a. 91 y.
Story, Emily D dau. of Wilder & Harriet, d. 1853, Aug. 21, a. 4 y.
Stringham, Jemima w. of Daniel, d. "8 of 2 mo. 1859," a. 67-10-27.
Thomas, C. B (Slate stone).
Thomas, Jane Ann w. of Walter, d. 1872, Oct. 20, a. 50-10-15.
Thomas, John (Slate stone).
Thomas, Mary d. 1833.
Thomas, Rebecca d. 176 y. 8 m.
Thompson, Alice dau. of William M. & Martha E., d. 1863, Jan. 4, a. 1-4-2.
Titus, Elizabeth C w. of Edmund, d. "9m. 9, 1854," a. 24 y. 10 m.
Titus, James C d. "14, 1 mo.1856," a. 18 (m.) 16 d.
Townsend, Hannah w. of Moses, d. "7 mo. 19, 1864," a. 74-4-23.
Townsend, Mary dau. of Moses & Hannah, d. "5 of 4 m. 1840," a. 19 y. 9 m.
Townsend, Moses d. "3 mo. 4, 1871," a. 76-3-22.
Townsend, Phebe d. "5 mo. 12, 1881," in 59th y.
T------ "P. T." (Slate stone).
Underhill, Ann d. "8 m. 13, 1871," a. 76 y.
Underhill, Sarah d. 1887, Jan. 13, a. 85-9-15.
Underhill, Stephen d. "6 mo. 22, 1868," in 70th y.
Ward, Phebe d. 1862, Feb. 14, in 83rd y.
Washburn, Sarah  
Wilkinson, Content d. in 1834, a. 91 y. 14 d.
Wilkinson, John d. in 1802, a. 60 y. 25 d.
Woolley, Louisa dau. of Henry & Luccia, d. 1862, Oct. 20, a. 3-4-21.
Woolley, Phebe Ann dau. of Henry & Luccia, d. 1855, Sep. 17, a. 2-6-4.
Editor’s Note: It was the custom of the early members of the Society of Friends not to mark graves. In this and other burial grounds of the Society are, undoubtedly, many resting places now unidentifiable. In the light of this fact a copy is here presented of a memorandum in the possession of Mrs. Owen Ward of Poughkeepsie, a granddaughter of John Wilkinson, (born 1780, died 1842) who lived near the Friends’ Meeting House at Oswego, Dutchess County, N. Y., On the outside the document is endorsed: "For J. Wilkinson, Decm. 31, 1820. Description of Graves in Oswego burying ground." On the inside the text reads:
"Memorandum for J. Wilkinson, Describing the situation of the Graves of His Decd relatives who lie in the North Burying Ground at the Oswego meeting house near the Road south of the school house.

Grandmother Martha Gifford lyes near the fence about east of the large black oak tree that stand in the (rode?) about half way between said school house and meeting house. William Gifford, husband to said Martha, lyes 1st north. The first East of Grandmother is my Father, John Wilkinson. Next north is his brother, William. Next North is Jabez Gifford, his half brother. Next North in line is Hannah Gifford, wife of Benjamin the elder. Next North is William, son of Wilkinson Gifford. First south of John Wilkinson is Polly Flagler, wife of Zachariah Flagler and eldest Daughter of the above named John Wilkinson. Next east is William Wilkinson, my eldest Brother."

The memorandum is unsigned, but it discloses that it was prepared by a son of daughter of John Wilkinson. The latter (born 1742, died 1802) came to Dutchess County from Rhode Island about 1755 with his mother, Martha, and her second husband, William Gifford. The Wilkinsons and Giffords were among the early Friends in Rhode Island.


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