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Sleight Ground


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CLASSIFICATION: Family ground.
LOCATION: Near Fishkill Plains, along the line of the Sprout Creek, on the old Sleight farm, on the east side of the road in a field.
CONDITION: Overgrown, surrounded by a stone wall.INSCRIPTIONS: 11 in number. Copied April 25, 1913, by J. W. Poucher, M. D.
REMARKS: Sleight ground. Abraham Sleight (1754-1842) of Kingston settled on this Dutchess County farm prior to 1800. His son, Benjamin A. Sleight, (1787-1858), succeeded to the property, on which there is still standing a substantial brick dwelling.

Sleight, Abraham d. 1811, Dec. 3, a. 26 y.
Sleight, Abraham d. 1833, Oct. 22, a. 23-1-21.
Sleight, Abraham d. 1842, June 29, a. 88 y. 2 d.
Sleight, Benjamin A. d. 1858, Feb. 26, a. 71 y.
Sleight, Caroline Ackerman w. of B. A., d. 1854, Sep. 29, in 65th y.
Sleight, Charles d. 1833, Mar. 23, a. 4 m.
Sleight, John d. 1821, Feb. 3, a. 33 y. 8 m.
Sleight, Mercy w. of Abraham, d. 1846, May 8, a. 58-2-18.
Sleight, Ruth dau. of Abraham & Ruth, d. 1817, Sep. 29, a. 23 y.
Sleight, Ruth w. of Abraham, d. 1833, Mar. 29, a. 75 y.
Stoutenburgh, Sophia Eliza w. of Richard D. C., d. 1825, Feb. 17, a. 22 y. 5 m.


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