Old Miscellaneous Records 
Dutchess County

The Second Book of the Supervisors and Assessors,
 Published by Vassar Brothers Institute, Poughkeepsie NY, 1909


The Last Will and Estate of  
 Margery Alsteyn

By Bob and Debbie


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the twenty eighht day of September in the year Of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty three. I margery Alsteyn Widdow of Adam alsyeyn of Dutchess County late deceased calling to mind the Un ceartainty of this life and knowing assuredly that all flesh must yield unto Death; doe make ordain constitute and appoint this my last will and TestamentIn maner and form following principally and first of all recommend my soul Unto allmighty god my creaoter that gave it; and my body I recommend unto the Earth to be buried in a Christain like and deecent manner at the discretion of my Executors here affter exprest; nothing doubting, but I shall receive the same again Att the Generall Resurection by the mighty power of God, and as touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased god to bless me in this life, beyond my Deserts, I give devise and dispose of the same in the following maner and form.

Imprimus, I will that all my just depts be paid and satisfied in convenientTime affter my decease.Secondly, I give and bequeath unto my beloued son James Scot unto his hiers Executors administrators & assigns my great brass Ketle and likewise the just half of my whole Estate of what nature or kind so ever Thirdly, I give unto my beloued sons and daughters, namely Henry Chism John Chism William Scott, my daughters Elsie, house wife of Jonas Moon, Elizabeth, wife of Hugh beem, marget, wife of simon Kool Catharin wife of William Vreedenburgh, Ann wife of augustinus Vander marcken and Susana, wife of Edward Wood unto there hiers Executors administrators and assigns, the other half of my Whole Estate of what nature or kind so ever equaly to be devided amongst Them, except the Brass Ketle given and bequeathed unto my son James as a boue written

Fourthly, and lastly I doe nominate consititue and appoint my well beloued sons William Scott and James Scot my whole and sole executors of this my Last will and Testament revoking renouncing and makeing void all Will Or Wills testament or testaments here to fore by me made in any wise What so ever; and this only and a lone to be taken for my Last will & Testament in Testemony whereof I have here unto sett my hand and seal

The day and year first a boue written.
Margery (her mark M) Alsteyn (s)

Signed sealed published pronounced & declared by the said Margery Alsteyn to be her last Will and Testament in the presence of

Vs. Hans (his mark HD)
Jacob Dings Cornielis (his mark CKB) Knickerbaker
Adam (his mark AD) Dings

Dutchess County September the 4 Ano 1724 then appered before me Jacob Kip Esqr Justice of ye Peace of the above sd County Jans Jacob Dings & Corneleas Kinckerbaker & Adam Dings whoe made othe upon the Holy Evengelest that thay have seen this within Will Executed by Marjery Van Allstin now deceased and that by ye best of theare knowlidge she was then of sound memmory and Vnderstanding.

Tested by me
Jacob Kip


Dutchess County Ss:

LEONARD LEWIS esq. Judge of the Court of Common Pleas for said County of Dutchess assigned assisted with Barent Van Kleeck & Machill Parmante Esqrs Justices of the Peace for said County assigned to all to Whome these presents shall Come or may construe GREETING know yee that margery Alsteyn Widdow of Adam Alsteyn of Dutchess County deceased haveing by last Will and Testament which is Hereunto affixed bareing date the twenty eight day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty three haveing while she lived at theTime of her death goods Chattells & Creditts in divers places within this County Of Dutchess aforesaid; by means whereof the full disposition of all and singular The goods Chattells & Creditts of the said deceased and the hearing of accounts Calcu;ation of reckening & the finall discharge & dismision from the same unto Us belonging by virtue of an act of generall assembly entituled an act for the Supervizeing intestates Estates and regulateing the probate of Wills and granting Letters of administration and the administration of all and singular the goods Chattells & Credits of the said deceased in any manner of wayes concerning is Hereby granted unto William Scott and James Scott both Executors of the Last Will and Testamnet of the said Deceased; they giveing and delivering in the Clerks Office of this County an inventory of the same and render an acct of Their doing in the pemises when thereunto required in TESTIMONY whereof The Judge and Justices have hereunto putt theire hands in Pocghkeepsing in Dutchess County this Eleventh day of September in the eleventh yeare of his Majesties Reigne Annoq Dom 1724.

Pr Curiam

Henry Van Der Burgh Clarke
Leonard Lewis Judge
Barent Van Kleeck & Michell Parmante Justices

A true copy examined & recordid pr me Henry Van Der Burgh Clark on September ye 11 day Ano 1724


An Inventory of all ye goods and Chattels left by Margery Alsteyn Widdow of Adam Alstyn of Dutchess County late deceased.

2 Mares one Colt one Yearling

8 Baskits

1 Plow

1 Peage

1 Slap. Bank or pres Bead with itís Furneture

1 Mustard ball

13 Harrow teeth

1 Small Corn bark

1 Grind Stone & Wince

8 Treck mutchess

2 Hammers

1 Silck Hanckerchife

4 Iron Pots

1 Cornett Mutch

1 Craine for a Slayd

1 Money Scale

2 Axes

3 Shorts

1 Sney Banck

2 Pettey Coats

1 Greed Iron

1 Mornning Gown

2 flesh Forks

1 Skillit 1 Brass Ladel

1 Looking Glass

1 Lamp 1 Brass Spoon

1 Puter Tanckard

1 Iron Ladel 1 Rosting Spit

1 Puter Cup

1 Tinn Funnil 1Choping Knife

9 Puter Plates

1 Peppor Box

2 Puter Dishes

1 Clothes Hanger

3 Puter Bassons

1 Sickell

1 Vessel of Tinn

3 Bitts

1 Bridel

1 Saddel

1 Cow one Yearling Ox

One Iron Chaine

1 Beadsteed with its furneture

one Old Horse

1 fedder Bead

8 Iron Rings

4 Barogh Nails

5 Hooks 5 Krams

5 Wagon Bolts

4 Cleiveses

a Baskit with Old Iron Work

2 pare of Tongs

2 Frying Pans

1 Fire Shovell

1 Slead Box

1 Tramil Chain

3 Weeding Hows

2 Stubing Hows

1 Spade

2 Augers

Irons of a Slayd

2 Candellsticks

1 Hang Iron

3 Skeemmers

3 Westcoat

2 Shurnes

1 Shallown Gown

3 Milck Tubs

2 pare of Stockins

2 Washing Tubs

1 blew Apron

3 Beer Barrils

2 pare of Shows

3 Rundlits

1 pare of Spetikels

1 Ley Fatt

3 White Hanckerchfes

3 Old Cask

1 pare of Clasps

1 Milck fat

1 Gold Ring

6 Palls

Ĺ pound Chockelette

1 Sope fat

1 Iron hachill

1 Schipel

1 Brass Kittel

2 Chistes

14 Wooden Bols

2 Tabels

3 Wooden Ladels

1 Coubard

4 Glass Bottels

1 Backing trough

2 Sythes

2 Wooden Morters

1 Dung fork

2 Pestels

1 Hay Fork

1 Rack for Puter

1 Gune

3 Iron Wedges

2 Leather Collours

2 Racks for Spoons

1 Sword & Belt

16 Puter Spoons

1 Deske

1 Woolling Weell

1 Bracke

1 Flax Weell

4 Earthen Dishes

3 Sives

3 Earthen Bassons

5 Earthen Potes

1 Earthen Chamber Pot

1 Earthen Jugg 1 Dito

1 Earthen Bason

1 Smouthing Iron

1 Sas Pan

6 Woodin Trenchers

3 Earthen Pots

6 Turned Chears 2 Dito

3 Earthen Dishess

1 Strainner

1 Earthen Candelstick

4 Iron Rings

6 Earthen Plates

5 Puter porringers

16 Peses of Earthen

1 Puter Solt

4 Small Bottels

1 Kannester

8 Small Wooden Things


Apresement is £ 40. 16. 2d.


Transcribed by Bob Martins

HTML by Debbie - March 2002

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