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This is a work in progress AND is under construction - Abstracted Transcriptions will be converted to HTML and uploaded as time, energy and eyesight permit.  PLEASE be PATIENT and DO NOT ASK FOR LOOKUPS as the index and linked pages are under construction.  This is just something Ginny will not have time for and will only add to the further handling/mishandling of the ledger.

This Ledger was obtained by Virginia A. "Ginny" Buechele
February 18, 2006 at Absolute Auction, Pleasant Valley, NY - Lot #586

The description of this Auction noted the items in the sale were "From an 18thC Clinton Corners, N.Y., Home; From a Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., Home; Contents of Java Antiques, Ridgefield, C.T.; Plus Others"

Manufacturer's Label Inside Ledger Cover reads:
"The Hoffman Flat Opening Blank Book"
"All Flat Opening by Patent Issued"
"Featured Covered Nov. 29, 1892"

Covers are leather bound over cardboard - Binding is labeled"Ledger"

Inside the Front Cover was a note obviously placed at a later date perhaps by the previous owner - Scotch Taped inside Front Cover on white note paper
"Fishkill Village
Dr. Lewis White 1820-1860??
Dr. Howell White 1900's"

There is nothing I have found so far originally written in this ledger which proves this ledger belonged to either of the above Doctors but it seems highly like from the names in this book that it indeed was a Fishkill Ledger and it probably belonged to Dr. Howell White, son of Dr. Lewis H. White.

It should also be noted that on some ledger pages addresses in what appears to be New York City and Long Island appear on the account pages.

Some information on the Drs. White for
Town of Fishkill

Fishkill - Page 514 - Physicians

Dr. Bartow White, one of the most distinguished physicians in the County, was born in Yorktown, Westchester county, Nov. 7, 1776, and came to Fishkill in 1799.  This was his first field of practice, which continued until an attack of epilepsy disqualified him some fifteen years before his death which occurred Dec. 12, 1862.  He represented this County in Congress in 1825-7, and was a Presidential Elector in 1840.

DR. LEWIS H. WHITE, a native of Somers, Westchester county, and son of Dr. Ebenezer White studied medicine with he father and his brother, Dr. Bartow F. White.  He attended lectures at Yale in 1826-7, and was licensed by the Medical Society of Westchester county, and afterward receiving a degree of M. D. from the University of New York.  He commenced practice in Johnsville, East Fishkill, Nov. 17, 1828, continuing there nine years, when he removed to and has practiced in this village.  His son, DR. HOWELL WHITE, who was born in this village in 1856, and studied medicine with his uncle Dr. Oliver White, of New York, graduated at Bellevue Hospital, February 27, 1879.  In October, 1879 he established himself in practice in this village.


The Ledger these abstracted transcriptions's are taken from is alphabetically indexed with what is the page number of the ledger for each persons account.

Entries in the Ledger appear to begin around 1902 and run through about 1921. The first page is for Nathaniel J. Wright - Jan. 2, 1903 - Amounts for "Visits" varied between $1.00 and $3.00.

The first few Index Pages for the letters A, B, & C have a small tears near the edge making some names unclear - such is noted with [?] here. However the name is also noted at the top of the page or somewhere on the page indicated in the index - which allows for clarification of the unclear names on the index page - clarification here will appear here in [­­­___]. The remainder of this ledger is in good to excellent condition - the leather covers showing much wear and some deterioration.

Some of these accounts have "Obst" noted on certain entries which may mean "Obstetrics" and perhaps attendance at the birth of a child charged to the account???

The information in the last column of the abstracted and transcribed data is associated with the indexed individual - information is either from the index itself or found on the individual account page.

Once the information from this Ledger is completely abstracted and transcribed the original ledger will find a new home at the Fishkill Historical Society - VanWyck Homestead - Until that time the ledger resides with Ginny .

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