Quaker Removals
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Transcribed Barbara Mihalcik

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The following are Quaker Removal Records, taken from the Nine Partner Monthly Meetings.  Many thanks to Barbara Mihalcik for transcribing these for us.  If you would like to contribute more Quaker records, please contact me.

LDS Film # 873511,
Records of Josephine Frost

Pages 1 - 4

Young Elijah Young and children, Robert, Mary, Elias, Elizabeth Anna, Phebe and Hannah. From Ninepartners to Oblong, 20 of 10m, 1781.
Stratton Lucretia Stratton and daughter Eunice Clark, Clark from Ninepartners to Smithfield, 22 of 10m, 1781.
Lewis Abigail Lewis, from Shappaqua to Ninepartners 11 of 10m, 1781.
Lewis Abigail Lewis, from Shappaqua to Ninepartners, 11 of 10m, 1781.
Thorn Martha Thorn, wife of William, from Oblong, to Ninepartners, 19 of 1m, 1780.
Keese John Keese, Jr. ? 16 of 9m, 1781.
Bunker Anna Bunker and husband and 5 children, Lydia, Anna, Obediah, Frederick and Timothy, from Nantucket to Ninepartners 27 of 11m, 1780.
Macomber John Macomber, from Acoaxet, (Coakset ? ), to Nine partners, 17 of 11m, 1781.
Macomber Philip Macomber and wife Susanna and children, Edith, Gardner, Barnabas, Abraham and Hannah, from Dartmouth to Ninepartners, 15 of 10m, 1781.
Macomber Hannah Macomber, wife of John, from Coakset, Dartmouth, to Ninepartners, 17 of 11m, 1781.
Brown Nathaniel Brown, Jr., (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Ninepartners to Easthassack, 18 of 4m, 1782.
Gardner Hannah Gardner, (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Oblong to Ninepartners, 19 of 12m, 1781.
Hull Tiddeman Hull, from Ninepartners to Smithfield, 24 of 1m, 1782.
Haight Elizabeth Haight, Concern to visit to New England from Ninepartners, 15 of 5m, 1781.
Comstalk William Comstalk, from Saratoga to Ninepartners, 10 of 1m, 1782.
Clapp Sophia Clapp, from Purchase to Ninepartners, 10 of 1m, 1782.
Allen Martha Allen and daughters Mary and "Isbel", (wife and Johnathan Allen), from Ninepartners daughters of to Dartmouth, 17 of 12m, 1781.
Bunker Francis Bunker and wife Unice and child Susannah, from Ninepartners to Oblong, 20 of 3m, 1782.
Rogers Rebecca Rogers, wife of Wing Rogers, from Ninepartners to Saratoga, 20 of 3m, 1782.
Allen John Allen, son of Johnathan, (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Dartmouth to Ninepartners, 17 of 12m, 1781.
Davis Jemima Davis, (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Ninepartners to Oblong, 19 of 6m, 1782.
Gardner Lydia Gardner, (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Ninepartners to Oblong, 17 of 7m, 1782.
Swain Lydia Swain, wife of Elbertus Swain, from Ninepartners to Nantucket, 14 of 8m, 1782.
Allen William Allen, son of Philip, (dec’d.), (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Ninepartners to Dartmouth, 14 of 8m, 1782.
Sutton Phebe Sutton, wife of Daniel, from Ninepartners to Purchase, 14 of 8m, 1782.
Haviland Silas Haviland, (Clear of Marriage engagement), from Acoakset in Dartmouth, to Ninepartners, 18 of 3m, 1780.
Clark     )


Stephen Clark, a lad, son of Seth Clark, (dec’d.), from Ninepartners to Smithfield, 18 of 9m, 1782. Removed to reside with Stepfather Philip Stratton.
Haight Mary Haight, ("daughter of Thomas Haight of Thomas Haight"), from Ninepartners to Oblong, 18 of 9m, 1782.
Barnards Mary Barnards, from Nantucket to Ninepartners, 28 of 10m, 1782.
Palmer Benjamin Palmer, son of Gilbert, (a youth), from Ninepartners to Easthussack and Saratoga, 18 of 12m, 1782.
Palmer Gilbert Palmer, a lad to live with Abner Hoag, from Ninepartners to Oblong,18 of 12m, 1782.
Palmer Mary Palmer, wife of Gilbert, and daughter Sarah, from Ninepartners to Easthussack, 18 of 12m, 1782.


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