Dutchess County Towns--Histories and Biographies

Listed below are links to histories of Dutchess County towns and biographies of inhabitants. It is my hope that eventually each of the early towns and villages will be covered. I am looking for volunteers who would be willing to type information on the histories of Dutchess County towns, either information that you have found that is no longer *copyrighted* (published before 1923), information from the book "The History of Dutchess County" by James H. Smith or any similar work. Or if you know of links to histories and biographies already published on the web please send them to me. Please contact me before typing or sending submissions. Thank you. Lynn Brandvold

Announcement (27 Nov 2004): A new publication has been recently released by the Town of Hyde Park Historical Society, Reminiscence the personal journal written by Harry T. Briggs. Harry wrote about his life in Hyde Park, Eastman College, in the late 1800s through 1957 where he worked at the Mohonk Mountain House, the Roger's estate, and for Frederick W. Vanderbilt. He was Under-Sheriff of Dutchess County and also opened an insurance office in Poughkeepsie. Copies may be purchased from the Town of Hyde Park Historical Society, P.O. Box 182, Hyde Park, NY 12538. More information is available from Patsy Costello, President of the Historical Society.

Biography of Albert J. Akin
Biography of Coffin Family
Biography of John V. Storm
Biography of Theodore Stickle
Biography of William H. Taber
Town of Beekman History
Early Transportation--Part One
Early Transportation--Part Two
Early Transportation--Part Three
Early Transportation--Part Four
Early Transportation--Part Five
Fishkill Landing--Part One
Fishkill Landing--Part Two
Fishkill Village--Part One
Fishkill Village--Part Two
Fishkill Village--Part Three
Johnsville in the Olden Times--Part One
Johnsville in the Olden Times--Part Two  
Johnsville in the Olden Times--Part Three  
Matteawan--Part One  
Memoirs of Sarah Barton (Flagler) Botsford  
Northeast--Part One  
Northeast--Part Two  
Northeast--Part Three  
Northeast--Part Four  
Northeast--Part Five  
Northeast--Part Six  
Pawling--Part One  
Pawling--Part Two  
Pawling Village - Pawling Part Three
Pawling Churches - Pawling Part Four
Quaker Hill - Pawling Part Five   
Pawling in the War of the Rebellion - Pawling Part Six  
Poughkeepsie--Part One  
Poughkeepsie--Part Two  
Poughkeepsie--Part Three  
How the City of Poughkeepsie was Founded by Helen Wilkinson Reynolds  
1916 Senior Class of Poughkeepsie High School  
Union Vale--Part One
Union Vale--Part Two
Union Vale--Part Three
Union Vale in the Rebellion

The complete "General History of Duchess County from 1609 to 1876" by Philip H. Smith has been scanned and is now online.  Click here Then click on "Browse" and search in books under Smith, Phillip H.

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