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Chapter XLIV
(History of the Town of Fishkill)

(Part One)

Matteawan, by far the most populous village in the town, is situated on the FISHKILL, about a mile and a half east of the LANDING, and a like distance above the mouth of the creek, whose splendid hydraulic properties have given it its prominence as a manufacturing center. It lies at the foot of the North and South Beacons, two eminences of FISHKILL MOUNTAINS, which tower above it in lofty grandeur. It is a station on the NEWBURGH, DUCHESS & CONNECTICUT, and the NEW YORK & NEW ENGLAND RAILROADS, and is connected with the LANDING and NEWBURGH by stage, ferry and rail.

The first settlers says Mr. BAILEY, were Roger BRETT and the PINES, the former of whom built the old TELLER HOUSE before referred to in 1710. The PINES located east of the village, on the FISHKILL road, one on the BIRDSALL place, on which the original house is still standing, but sold in 1790 and removed to DELAWARE county; the other on the BOICE place, which says Mr. BAILEY, (in 1874,) was sold some sixteen years ago by the PINE family to John BOICE, who demolished the old building and erected in its place the present stately mansion.

The SCHENCKS, though less early, were among the most prominent settlers in this locality, and the name is still an important one in MATTEAWAN society. It has been identified with most of the important industries of the village, and some of its earlier members filled important niches as legislators.

In 1872, says HOUGH, its population was about 2,000; while in 1880 it reached 4,411, nearly double that of any other village and nearly half that of the town. It now contains five churches (Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist (1), Baptist, and Catholic,) a union free school, a private school -- the DUTCHESS SEMINARY -- established in the summer of 1881, of which P. N. MITCHELL is principal, one hotel, the DIBBLE HOUSE, first kept by D. S. JAYCOX, afterwards by William AMBLER, and at present by W. S. DIBBLE, who purchased of Mr. JAYCOX and remodeled it a few years since; various manufacturing establishments and stores, a job printing office, a circulating library, and a wagon and blacksmith shop kept by W. H. JACKSON.

(1) A history of this church is given in connection with that at Fishkill Landing.

to be continued . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Part Two will include Merchants, Physicians, Lawyers)

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