By James H. Smith
Chapter XXI.

Part Four

The earliest town record that can now be found bears date of April 10th, 1772 and is a record of a bill of sale dated the third day of April, 1772, given by John HULBURT to Joseph KETCHAM both of Oblong, and County of Dutchess, for and in consideration of the sum of forty pounds current lawful money of New York, to the said John HULBURT in hand paid, in which Bill of Sale is mentioned seventy-eight acres of wheat all of which wheat is made over to the said Joseph KETCHAM :--Byron Morris GRAHAM, Town Clerk.

The name Morris GRAHAM appears as clerk until December 12th, 1774, when the name of Charles GRAHAM appears, he being elected to that office the previous April. *(The earlier records of the town have been loosely cared for. Some of the books are undoubtedly lost. North East Precinct was formed as before stated, December 16, 1746, and embraced what is now Pine Plains, Milan, North East, and a portion of Amenia. The town officers for years were undoubtedly from various parts of the now separate townships.) As the following records of the first town meeting now to be found will show :--
“At a meeting of the Freeholders and inhabitants of the North East Precinct, Dutchess County, on Tuesday the 5th of April, 1774, after choosing James ATWATER, Esq., Moderator, made choice of the following officers : Morris GRAHAM, Supervisor ; Charles GRAHAM, Clerk ; James BRYAN and Hantice COUSE, Assessors of County Taxes ; Hantice COUSE and Israel THOMPSON, Assessors for Quit Rents ; George HEAD, Constable and Collector; Middle Constable, James YOUNG ; East Division, Josiah HOLLY; James HEDDING, Hantice COUSE, and James BRYAN, Overseers of the Poor ; Lewis BRYAN, Daniel WILSON and Israel THOMPSON, Commissioners of Roads, John COLLINS, Collector of Quit Rents.”

The following has been the succession of Supervisors and Clerks from 1775 to 1881 :--

Year Supervisors Clerks
1775 Israel THOMPSON Charles GRAHAM
1776 ditto Jonathan LANDON
1777-78 Hugh REA ditto
1779-81 Lewis GRAHAM ditto
1782 Hugh REA ditto
1783 Uriah LAWRENCE ditto
1784 Lewis GRAHAM ditto
1785-87 John WHITE Andrew WHITE
1788-92 Josiah HOLLY Ebenezer DIBBLEE
1793 Ebenezer DIBBLEE Jessee THOMPSON
1794 Josiah HOLLY ditto
1795-96 Ditto Ebenezer DIBBLEE
1797 Ebenezer DIBBLEE Cor. W. VANRAUST
1798 ditto Peter HUSTED.
1799. Peter HUSTED Hugh GAMBLE
1800 ditto Charles HOAG
1801 [No record for this year]  
1802 Isaac SHERWOOD Peter HUSTED
1803 ditto Fyler DIBBLEE
1804 Martin E. WINCHELL ditto
1805 ditto Peter HUSTED.
1806 Jonathan DEUEL Jonathan DEUEL
1807 Benj. R. BOSTWICK Stephen ENO
1808-09 Jonathan DEUEL ditto
1811 ditto Fyler DIBBLEE.
1812-1 3Isaac SHERWOOD Israel HARRIS
1814 Uri JUDD ditto
1815 ditto Cornelius ALLERTON
1816 Martin LAWRENCE ditto
1817 ditto Aaron E. WINCHELL
1818 Fyler DIBBLEE ditto
1819 ditto William WOODIN
1820-21 Philo M. WINCHELL ditto
1822 In this year Pine Plains was taken off, and the town meeting was held at the house of Alexander NEELEY
1822 Israel HARRIS, Reuben W. BOSTWICK
1823 Philo M. WINCHELL Platt SMITH
1824 David SHELDON Peter MILLS
1825 ditto William H. BOSTWICK.
1826 Amos BRYAN ditto
1827 Abraham BOCKER Platt SMITH
1828 ditto Nicholas HOLBROOK.
1829-30 Douglass CLARK ditto
1831 ditto Joseph HORTON
1832 Alanson COLVER William WINCHELL
1833-34 Eli MILLS, Nicholas HOLBROOK
1835 David SHELDON ditto
1836 ditto William WINCHELL.
1837-38 John H. CONKLIN ditto
1839-40 Moses CLARK ditto
1841 Eben WHEELER ditto
1842 ditto John G. CAULKINS
1843 Jeduthan ROE ditto
1844 Hiram WHEELER ditto
1845 ditto ditto
1846 Abraham BOCKEE1 John G. CAULKINS
1847 James HAMMOND Edward CROSBY
1848 Abner BROWN John G. CAULKINS.
1849 George DOUGLASS, Alva ROE
1850 Geo. R. WINCHELL, John G. CAULKIN
1851 Gerald PITCHER, Chas. P. CAPRON2
1852 John WINCHELL Harvey ROE
1853 Edgar CLARK Edward W. SIMMONS
1854 Jeremiah W. PAINE ditto
1855 Platt A. PAINE John M. BENEDICT
1856 Hiram ROGERS Lucius P. WOODS
1857 Edw’d W. SIMMONS ditto
1858 John F. WHEELER Theron I. PAINE
1859 Phoenix BOCKEE ditto
1860 George CLARK James FINCH
1861 David BRYAN Lucius P. WOODS
1862 John CAMPBELL Selah N. JENKS
1863 George F. MORE Delancey M. NORTHRUP
1864 Edw’d W. SIMMONS Collins SHELDON
1865 ditto Sterling MOORE
1866 ditto Edward COOK
1867 ditto John G. CAULKINS
1868 William H. BARTON Chas. H. GILBERT
1869 William L. PRATT John R. WINCHELL.
1870 James COLLINS Nathan C. BEACH
1871 ditto William R. SMITH
1872 ditto James FINCH
1873 George DAKIN Hilem B. EGGLESTON
1874-75 Nelson A. McNEIL Daniel McELWELL
1876 Michael ROWE ditto
1877 Jeremiah W. PAINE Selah N. JENKS
1878 Hiram ROGERS ditto
1879 James M. WINCHELL ditto
1880 George E. CRANE Nelson A. McNEIL
1881 Wheeler ROWE Chas. N. WATSON
1Member of Assembly, and Sheriff about 1850.
2Resigned , Harvey ROE appointed to fill unexpired term.

Continued in Part 5

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