By James H. Smith

Chapter XLVII
[Part Six of the Chapter on Pawling]

Pawling's patriotism in the War of the Rebellion was as prompt and generous as that manifested in the Revolution. A record of the various enlistments was kept by the town clerk, as required by the law of 1865, from which, although somewhat imperfect in its details, is gleaned the names of those who went to the country's defense in that perilous hour. The enlistments for 1861 were as follows:

th Regiment, Co. E.---Geo. Washington ARNOLD; William M. BANKS, born in Pawling, Aug. 5, 1842, was afterward in the 4th Heavy Artillery, in which he served twenty-two months, now dead; Hiram BANKS, born in Pawling, Oct. 23, 1840, served about one year, was then discharged on account of disability, and died at home August 28, 1864 ; George BANKS, born in Pawling, Aug. 1, 1843, was wounded in the arm May 27, 1862, and had the limb amputated at Gaines Hill, was discharged in September 1862 ; Cyrus INGERSOLL; Martin INGERSOLL; James S. PEARCE, served three years, now town clerk of Pawling, and a druggist in Pawling Village.

128th Regiment, Co. B.---Philip ALLEN, born in Pawling, February 14, 1829, was wounded at Port Hudson, May 27, 1863, died on the 28th of May, and was buried on the field; George BROWNELL, born in Pawling, April 19, 1844; Milton BROWNELL; Isaac BROWNELL, dead, William H. BEACH, born in Pawling, February 26, 1837; Charles S. DODGE, born in Pawling, January 19, 1843, was wounded at the battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864; William Owen DENNAMY, born in Pawling in 1845, served three years; George H. DASCUM; W. H. NICHOLS, born in Washington, N. Y., February 20, 1834, served one year and one month and died in hospital at Baton Rouge; Jeremiah S. PEARCE, born in Pawling, August 28, 1837, was promoted after one year's service to First Lieutenant, and in July, 1864, was promoted to Captain; Archibald PENNEY, born in Pawling, January 27, 1846; David SPRAGUE, born in Pawling, June 9, 1831, died May 5, 1863, at Baton Rouge, La., where he was buried; Solomon WOODIN, born in Pawling, June 29, 1843, was discharged on account of disability February 20, 1863; Charles Wesley WILCOX, born in Dover, N. Y., February 13, 1835; William H. MILLARD, after serving about eight months was promoted to First Sergeant, which office he held until mustered out.

Co. F.---Randolph Meade BROWNELL; Egbert BRILL, born in Pawling, June 8, 1832, was discharged for disability after serving nearly a year; John J. EVANS; Alexander JONES, born in Dover, October 17, 1832, was promoted to Corporal in September, 1862; Isaac W. OLIVITT, born in Pawling, April 5, 1847, was killed by a shell at Port Hudson, in July, 1863; James H. PENNEY, born in Pawling, September 25, 1843; James L. STEPHENS; Gilbert A. STEPHENS; Samuel WILCOX, born in Pawling, in October, 1845, died at Baton Rouge, La., in 1863; Jacob PAULIS, after serving nearly two and one-half years was taken sick, and after a furlough was taken prisoner October 9, 1864, and died July 8, 1865, in Richmond, Va.,--starved to death,--and was there buried.

Co. I.—Albert BARKER; Wheeler G. CRONK, born in Beekman, Feburary 26, 1831, was promoted to Corporal, and died in Baton Rouge, La., October 24, 1863; William GULLIVER, born in Pawling, August 11, 1843; Benjamin WORDEN, was discharged for disability near Fairfax Court House, Va., in February, 1863.

Companies Unknown.—Benjamin S. HOAG, born in Pawling, December 2, 1834; Lorenzo D. OLIVITT; Elihu S. WING, born in Pawling, November 3, 1843, was discharged for disability in November, 1862; William BINGALL, deserted; Thomas FURLONG, deserted; Spoffard MILLARD; John RICHMOND, deserted; Martin BASELY; Robert J. MICHAEL; W. J. WORDEN; William Henry MULKIN.

th Regiment, Co. E.---Perry W. CHAPMAN, born in Dover, N.Y., March 27, 1841, promoted to Second Lieutenant, September 23, 1862, again in 1864, to First Lieutenant, and again in March, 1865, to Captain by brevet, by order of the Secretary of War, and is now living in Pawling; Caleb DAVIS, Jr., born in Pawling, December 3, 1841, was transferred to 2nd U. S. Cavalry, January 21, 1863, in which he served the remainder of his time; Henry PEARCE, M. D., was born in Pawling, March 1, 1833, resigned in consequence of injuries received by the fall of his horse. And afterwards served as a surgeon in the Eastern Department, now a physican in Pawling; Philip DAVIS, born in Pawling, 1839, died in Baltimore, October 10, 1863; Caleb DAVIS, Sr., born in Pawling, October 10, 1811; William MILLER, born in 1833; John SLOCUM, deserted in Baltimore; Daniel WASHBURNE, died at Point Lookout Hospital, September 20, 1863, Denmore WHALEY, born in Sherman, Conn., April 29, 1803, still living in Pawling; William PROUT, was discharged for disability June 27, 1863; George BURHANS.


Heavy Artillery.---James BANKS, born in Pawling, March 27, 1847, dead; John BANKS, born in Pawling, July 10, 1849; John INGERSOLL, was taken prisoner at Brandy Station and died in Libby Prison; Charles MOSHER, born in Pawling, January 12, 1839, served two years and re-enlisted for three years more; James MOREY, born in Fishkill, in 1840, died August 16, 1862; Nathan PENNEY, born in Dover, July 7, 1836, served two years and re-enlisted, and remained in service one year and ten months; Charles HARRIS, born in Fishkill, November 12, 1821; George S. VANDERBURGH, born in Pawling, September 10, 1842, promoted to Corporal, April 1, 1864; Myron JONES, born in Dover, February 25, 1827; Charles DAVIS, born in Pawling, July 20, 1825, served two years, re-enlisted and served one year and ten months; Norman DAVIS, born in Pawling in 1826, died of typhoid fever August 15, 1864, on Davis Island, where he was buried; Henry SWORDS, born in Pawling February 22, 1831; Henry LAWRENCE, served one year and six months, was wounded in the foot at the battle of the Wilderness, and was discharged July 28, 1865; W. H. WILCOX; William WORDEN; Alonzo TOWNSEND; Daniel TOWNSEND; Daniel CALLAHAN; Silas J. HAVILAND; Augustus THOMAS; George MICHAEL.

Scattering.---Patrick CURRY, died in Suffolk, Va., in 1862; Patrick FANNELL; Henry MOORE, promoted to Second Lieutenant in January 1864, promoted to First Lieutenant in 1865; John V. MOORE; Hiram I. SHERMAN, born in Pawling April 21, 1834; Jerome WORDEN, born in Pawling, October 15, 1846; Stephen WORDEN; George KIRBY, went out as Second Lieutenant, promoted to First Lieutenant in September, 1862, promoted to Captain in march 1863; Charles DUTCHER, born in Dover, October 24, 1842, A. A. Paymaster in Navy, entered the sercie September 26, 1863; John M. OLIVITT, born in Pawling, June 27, 1843, served two years and a half and re-enlisted in same regiment; John ETT, born in Dover, May 2, 1845, served two years seven month and seventeen days and died of heart disease at Donaldsonville, July 17, 1864, and was there buried; Amos WOODIN; George P. REED; George W. MULKIN.

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