Early Transportation in Dutchess County--Part 3

By James H. Smith

Chapter XI

Poughkeepsie, Hartford & Boston Railroad Co.-Duchess & Columbia Railroad Co.-Newburgh, Duchess & Connecticut Railroad Co.

        While the friends of the Poughkeepsie & Eastern were laboring to advance the interests of that road, even greater activity was manifested by those favoring the Fishkill road; and in 1865, before either road was chartered, a section of four and one- half miles, from Boston Corners towards Pine Plains, had been completed and put in running order at a cost of less than $20,000 per mile. The survey had been completed and arrangements made to build the road to Pine Plains. Arrangements had also been made to continue the survey to Stanfordville, and negotiations were pending for the construction of the road to that point the following summer. There it was proposed to stop until a determination was reached as to whether the road should terminate at Poughkeepsie or Fishkill. (Poughkeepsie Eagle, Nov. 18, 1865.)
        A meeting was held at Verbank, Dec. 5, 1865, to make arrangements for having a survey for a railroad from Boston Corners to Fishkill landing. Between two hundred and three hundred assembled and organized by electing the following officers; President, Leonard B. SHERMAN; Vice-Presidents, Abm. STORMS, George H. BROWN, Col. John THOMPSON, Jeremiah EMIGH, Clark C. BARMOUR, William ENO, Daniel P. WHEELER; Secretaries, Samuel THORN and George POTTER. Alonzo DAVIS, Henry BOSTWICK, Mark N. WHEELER, Clark C. BARMOUR, and Daniel P. WHEELER were appointed to receive subscriptions for the survey of the three routes proposed to reach Verbank; one by Standford and Washington Hollow; one by Bangall, Hart’s Village and Four Corners; and one by Thompson’s Pond, Mabbets-ville and Little Rest. The following were appointed to receive, conduct and entertain the corps of engineers in surveying through their respective towns: La Grange, A. W. STORMS, Mark H.WHEELER, James TOWNSEND; Union Vale, Leonard B. SHERMAN, Elias N. VAIL, Henry BOSTWICK; Fishkill, Ward EMIGH, Laurence RAPELYEA, Van Wyck BRINKERHOFF; Valley, D. P. WHEELER, Capt. POND, Henry SUTHERLAND; Washington, Dr. John S. THORNE, Hugh B. HOWARD, Timothy PRESTON; Stanford, Leonard CARMAN, Col. John THOMPSON, Smith B. TOMPKINS.
        A meeting of persons in central Duchess and Columbia counties interested in the construction of the proposed railroad from Fishkill to Boston Corners, was held at Milbrook Chapel, in the town of Washington, April 26, 1866. The committee appointed at a previous meeting to procure a survey of the routes reported that a survey had been made under their direction, by P. P. DICKINSON and his corps of engineers, and that the estimates for construction varied from $1,000,030. to $1,000,076, according to which route was adopted. A committee was appointed to prepare articles of association and other papers necessary to complete an organization for the construction of the road, with power to adopt a suitable name. The survey committee were instructed to employ a new corps of engineers to examine the routes as surveyed for the purpose of verifying the estimates of the former engineers and ascertaining if any advantageous alterations could be made. William ENO was added to that committee.
        An organization was effected that year (1866) under the name of the Duchess & Columbia Railroad Co. and articles for an eastern branch, sixteen miles long, were filed Oct.1 ,1867. Forty-three miles of road were completed and opened to public travel in 1869,and an additional fifteen miles, in1871. The road extends from Duchess Junction on the Hudson River road in Fishkill, through the towns of Fishkill, East Fishkill, La Grange, the northwest corner of Union Vale, Washington, Stanford, Pine Plains, and north east, to Millerton, where it connects with the Harlem Road. Its total length is 58.58 miles. The cost of road and equipment to 1879, was $2,258,342.29.
        In 1873, the road was consolidated with the New York, Boston and Northern Railroad, August 5, 1876. It was sold under foreclosure of mortgage. J. N. WHITING,of New York City, purchased the road with the exception of a small section, in the interest of the first mortgage bondholders, paying therefore $297,500. J. P. LOWRY, also of New York City, purchased the balance, the right of way to the river, for the third and forth mortgage bondholders, for $40,000. These purchases did not include the rolling stock, which was the property of the BROWN family. A reorganization was effected and chartered under the name of the Newburgh, Duchess & Connecticut Railroad Co., Jan.15, with the following Directors: John N. WHITING, John S. SCHULTZE and Samuel THORN, of New York City; William SCHULTZE, of Manchester, N .J. Joseph HOWLAND, of Matteawan; R. G. COFFIN, of Washington; W. S. ENO and W. W .SAYRE, of Pine Plains; Albert EMANS, La Grange; Wm. A. REID and Oliver DAVIDSON, Silver Lake; John S. EMANS, East Fishkill.
        The stations and distances on this road in miles from Duchess Junction are:

Matteawan 1.8
Groveville-Glenham 3.8
Fishkill 5.92
Brinkerhoff 7.07
Hopewell 12.11
Clove Branch Junction 13.37
Arthursburgh 15.70
La Grange 17.33
Billings 18.8
Mooers 21.34
Verbank 25.33
Coffins 28.17
Milbrook 30.19
Shunpike 33.49
Bangal 37.03
Stissing Junction 39.84
Attlebury 41.2
Pine Plains Junction 44.27
Pine Plains 44.67
Bethel 46.7
Shekomeko 49.82
Husted 52.45
Winchels 54.08
Harlem R. R. Crossing 58.08
Millerton 58.58

        The rate of fare for through passengers is 2.63, and for passengers, 3 cents per mile.


Typed and submitted by Richard Coon

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