By James H. Smith
Chapter XLI
Part Two


        Oswego, south of Verbank, on the Dutchess & Columbia R. R., is also a small hamlet. There is here a Quaker Church which was established a number of years ago.


        Clove, in the southern part of the town, is situated in a rich farming section and has a scattered population. This is the pretty valley of the Clove, which extends north and south through the town. In this vicinity are quite extensive ore beds. That known as the Clove are bed was opened about fifty-five years ago. It is conducted now by Albert Tower, the manager of the Beekman ore beds. The work of raising the ore is contracted by Wm. Gregory, under whose supervision the business has been conducted sixteen years.

        The "Brown Ore Mine" at Clove Hollow, was opened by Jeremiah and William Emigh, about 1856. In 1871 the mine was controlled by George H. Brown, who gave the contract to raise the ore to Patrick Maher, of Philadelphia, now living in that city. He was succeeded by a man named Mitchell, of Washington, who assumed the duties of Superintendent, with Nicholas Rozell as foreman.

        In the spring of 1874 Mitchell retired, and was succeeded by Samuel Brown, of the Clove Spring Furnace, who remained as Superintendent until his death in the fall of 1880. The present Superintendent is Norman Plass. The mine is owned by a company and employs some sixty men. From sixty-five to seventy tons of ore per day are unearthed here. The deposit is that known as the brown hematite, and contains a large per cent of clayey ochre, which is considered to be the finest and most valuable.

        The postmasters of the Clove are Duane Odell at Clove, appointed some two years since, and William U. Abel, at North Clove, appointed about the same time. The merchants are Reuben L. Coe and S. E. Way, the latter having been in business three years. The building in which the store is kept was built in the fall of 1878. Reuben L. Coe has been engaged in the mercantile business here since 1849, in which year his store was built. He is a native of Fishkill, born in Johnsville in 1816. He became a resident of Union Vale in 1826. Mr. Coe has twice held the office of Supervisor, and for the past twenty-four years has acted as Town Clerk, which office he has filled to the acceptance of both political parties. The wisdom of continuing in office a capable man is shown in the care and completeness with which the records of this town are kept.

        The only resident physician of the town is Dr. David A. Knapp. He is a native of New Fairfield, Conn., born in 1820. He graduated from the Medical University of New York City in 1845, and came to Union Vale in the following year.

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