By James H. Smith

Union Vale in the Rebellion

        In the war of the Rebellion, Union Vale did creditable work. Early in 1861, the people of the town raised by voluntary subscription a considerable amount of money, and applied it in sending to the front some twenty-six men.
        In 1862, the people made up a fund of $2,000, which was devoted to filling the quotas to the satisfaction of the inhabitants of the town and of the State. In 1863, the matter was assumed by the County. In 1864, the duty came under the jurisdiction of David D. Vincent, Supervisor; Reuben L. Coe, Town Clerk, and John U. Able, a War Committee, appointed by the people of the town, and the transaction of that Committee were as follows: Under the call of July, 1864, they expended in filling the quota, which was mainly of two and three years' men, the sum of $23, 246.34, including expenses, which was assessed upon the town, and paid.
        On the subsequent call of December 19, 1864, they sent out fifteen three years' men, at an expense of $10,372.23. including the expense of requiting. They also expended for soldiers' relief the sum of $326.65. The total amount of money raised for the expenses of the war was $35,229.39.
        The following from the record compiled by Reuben L. Coe, agreeable to the law of 1865, is the list of volunteers from this town.
th Regiment---John D. Appleby, Matthew Bier, Harris Baker, killed in battle; Theodore Baker, killed in accident; Albert Clements, John Evans, John L. Delamater, Thaddeus Emigh, Andrew J. Emigh, Alexander Ferguson, John Gallenbeck, a native of Germany; Robert G. Gunbert, a native of England; Casper Gilbert, a native of Germany; David Howard, Silas Howard, George W. Holden, Charles D. Losee, John Lane a native of Union Vale; Jeremiah Lane, A native of Union Vale; Egbert M. Lee, a native of Dover; Rensselaer Lane, born in Union Vale; Charles K. Odell, Daniel Ousterhout, died since his discharge; Thomas Rossell, a native of Beekman; John H. Sprague, a native of Union Vale; William R. Smalley, a native of Putnam County, color bearer; Richard Still, a native of LaGrange; Henry Liman, a native of Germany.
th Regiment—Co. H. ---Edmund A. Whitman, born in New York City, and LaFayette Lester.
        Co. I—David McIntyre, a native of Dover, 7
th Corporal; George Gray, 8th Corporal; Benjamin Kelly, Patrick Manahan, a native of Ireland; Amos Fraganzie, lost an arm at Port Hudson; Charles A. Appleby, Benjamin Barrett, Henry L. Benson, died in the service; Uriah Davidson, Jeremiah Lane, John Lake, Henry Mackey, killed at battle of Port Hudson; Charles Roselle, a native of Beekman; David Ryan, a native of Union Vale; Oliver Slocum, Charles E. Dennis and James E. Gifford.
        Company Unknown—(These names, though given in the town's records as having entered the 128
th Regt., are not given in the official record of that regiment.) George Wentworth, enlisted in September, 1862; John Fitzgerald, a native of Ireland, enlisted Sept. 6, 1862; Levi L. Brooks, a native of Beekman; William H. Cash.
th Regiment---James F. Clark, George H. Cole, William H. Cole, Michael Cushman, a native of Ireland; John Clements, Marcus L. Dinge, William H. Lane, a native of Connecticut; Henry J. Proper.
th N.Y. Artillery---Gilbert Emigh, George Robson, a native of Pleasant Valley; Isaiah Smalley, a native of Putnam County; Stephen Scott, born in Amenia in 1836, enlisted in Co. B. in 1861, served twenty-two months and was discharged for disability; Jacob See, a native of Milan, N.Y.
th N.Y. Artillery--- Joseph F. Dunham, a native of New Jersey.
th N.Y. Artillery---Horace Totten, born in New York City.
th Heavy Artillery---Thomas Lance, a resident of Union Vale, died 16 Dec. 1881, aged 75; Gilbert H. Purdy, enlisted Jan. 4, 1861, re-enlisted in the navy; Charles potter, a native of New Milford, CT.
th Colored Regiment---Augustus Freeman; John J. Freeman, killed; Perry C. Freeman.
st N.Y. Volunteers---William H. Haight, a native of Sharon, CT.
th N.Y. Regiment N.Y.S. Vols. ---Charles Lane, a native of Union Vale, died in 1881, George Lane, a native of Union Vale, killed in Florida.
th Regiment N.Y.S. Vols. ---Brownell Lee, a native of Washington.
th U.S. Cavalry---Aaron Burr Austin, born in Union Vale in 1813, enlisted in 1861, served two years, and was discharged on account of disability, now living at Clove.
th N.Y.S. Volunteers---Lewis Stadelman, a native of Germany; Randolph Schermerhorn, a native of Germany.
th N.Y.S. Volunteers---William H. Wright, born in Newburgh, N.Y., enlisted in April, 1861; wounded in the second Battle of Bull Run, and had a leg amputated; was discharged, and re-enlisted in the Invalid Corps in July, 1863; he suffered a second amputation of his leg and was discharged.
        Veteran Reserve Corps--- Jacob Mayer, a native of Germany, Jan. 12, 1865; James Macay, a native of Ireland; Uthane, a native of Germany.
        Regiments Unknown---Hiram Acy, John Duffie, died since discharge; William Hartock, a native of Germany; James Hamilton, killed by accidental discharge of a gun; Edward Lyon, a native of England; Andrew Potter, Clark Stilwell, a native of Poughkeepsie; Charles Townsend, Jno. H. Townsend, Thomas Tallady, a native of Dover; William Tallady, a native of Union Vale, died in hospital.

Typed and submitted by Lynn Airheart Brandvold
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