The growth of the city extended northward along the line of Main Street, and in October, 1920, the Rev. William Tobin was appointed to establish a new parish beyond the city line. Father Tobin said the first Mass in the new parish, November 21, 1920, in the Eggertsville Fire Hall.

Father Tobin bought a tract of land about two acres, April 1, 1921, on Main Street and Eggert Road for $25,000. There was a large building on the property which he converted into a rectory and a school. The school was opened, September, 1921. The church was begun in May, 1921, and was completed by the voluntary labor of the men of the parish, and was dedicated by Bishop Turner, August 7, 1921.

Father Tobin completed the fine parochial residence in 1928, and remodeled the old rectory for the school.

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