Town of Amherst

AMHERST(1) - was formed from Buffalo, April 10, 1818; and Chicktowaga was taken off in 1839. It lies upon the N. border of the co., between Clarence and Tonawanda. Its surface is level. Eleven Mile and Ransoms Creeks flow across the town in a N.E. direction; and Tonawanda Creek forms its N. boundary. The soil is a sandy and clayey loam. Upon the land of John Foglesonger, in the S. part of the town, is a very copius sulphur spring. A gristmill with 3 run of stone has been built on the stream formed by it. A ledge of limestone extends across the S. part of the town, from which limestone is quarried in various places. Beneath this ledge is a layer of hydraulic limestone, which is extensively quarried at Williamsville and burned for waterlime. Williamsville,(2) (p.v.) incorp. in 1850, is situated on Eleven Mile Creek, in the S. part of the town. It contains 4 churches, an academy,(3) and several manufactories.(4) Pop. 1,166. Eggertsville, Getzville, East Amherst, and Westwood are p. offices. The first settlement was made in 1804, by Timothy S. Hopkins and Elias Ransom, from Great Barrington, Mass.(5) There are 9 churches in town.(6)

(1)Named in honor of Lord Amherst, commander of the English forces in America in 1759 - 1760.

(2)Named from Jonas Williams, one of the early settlers.

(3)The Williamsville Classical Institute. The whole number of students for the year 1857 was 222.

(4)A gristmill, a sawmill, a tannery, a furnace, a broom factory, a chair factory, and a waterlime mill, the last producing 3,000 to 6,000 bbls. of hydraulic cement per year.

(5)Among the early settlers were Wm. Maltbury, Jonas Wiliams, James Harmon, Horatio Kelsey, Seth Canfield, Enos A. Armstrong, and Jas. Harris. The first sawmill was built in 1801, by --- Thomson; and the first gristmill, by Wm. Maltbury, in 1808. Elias Ransom kept the first inn, in 1805, and Juba Storrs & Co. the first store, in 1812.

(6)Bap., Disciples, M.E., and Germ. Cath. at Williamsville, and 2 Evang. Luth., Free, Mennonite, and R.C. in other parts of the town.

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