Town of Boston

BOSTON - was formed from Eden, April 5, 1817. It is an interior town, lying S. of the center of the co. Its surface is a hilly upland, broken by the valley of the N. branch of Eighteen Mile Creek, which flows N.W. through near the center of the town. The valley of this stream is about three-fourths of a mile wide. In this valley the soil is a fine, fertile loam, and upon the hills it is a gravelly and clayey loam. Boston, (p.v.,) on the N. branch of Eighteen Mile Creek, contains 3 churches, 2 gristmills, 2 sawmills, a tannery, a cow-bell factory; and 40 houses; Boston Center, (Patchin p.o.,) on the same stream, contains 2 churches, a sawmill, and 20 houses; and North Boston, (p.v.,) 1 church, a gristmill, a sawmill, and 20 houses. The first settlement was made by Didemus Kinney, in 1803.(1) The first religious services were conducted by Rev. John Spencer, in 1810. There are 7 churches in town.(2)

(1)Oliver and Charles Johnson settled in the town in 1805, and Richard Cary and Sam'l Eaton in 1807. The first birth was that of Phinney Johnson, in 1806; the first marriage, that of David Stannard and Esther Yaw, in 1810; and the first death, that of Joel Beebe, in 1809. Ethan Howard built the first mill, in 1810; Job Palmer kept the first inn, in 1811; and Aaron J. Tupper the first store, the same year. The first school was taught by Joel Eddy, in 1810.

(2)Bap., Free Will Bap., Evang. Luth., Friends, M.E., Meth. Prot., and Univ.

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