The Rev. R. Burke erected many little churches for groups of Catholic families between Buffalo and Dunkirk whilst he was pastor of Angola. In 1905 a little church was built at Brant for the Italians.

The Rev. Amati was the first pastor from July, 1905 to August, 1906, when the Rev. Hector Sella took charge.


Italians located in Farnham shortly after 1900 and Father Burke of Angola organized them into a parish in 1904, and built a church and rectory in the same year.

The church, school and cemetery were blessed by Bishop Colton in the fall of 1904.

The Sisters of St. Mary have charge of the school.

Many priests served for a short period as pastors of the church at Farnham. Among these were: Revs. R. Burke, Coco M. Raimondo, J. Jacobs, H. Sella, Pio Dei Feri, J. Hennessey, S. Prati, G. Giovanili, M. O'Shea, F. Scullin, L. Toomey.

Father Toomey made many improvements and paid the debt.

The Rev. P. Rogers came in 1925.

The house, church and convent were destroyed by fire on November 19, 1925.

The Rev. Edward Fitzhenry came after the fire, and he held services in Schwert's Hall until the church was rebuilt. The next year a new rectory was built at the same time.

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