Polish people began to locate at Lower Black Rock, Buffalo, as early as 1882, and some time later property was secured at the corner of Amherst and Grant streets, and the Rev. T. Koslowski erected a two-story brick building on this land which served for church and school for a good-sized congregation. The Rev. James Wojcik built a fine parochial residence adjoining the church shortly after he took charge of the parish.

The following pastors had charge of the parish the next few years: The Rev. Thomas Stabenau, the Rev. Adam Marcinkiewicz and the Rev. Louis Chodacki.

Father Chodacki came in October, 1901, and started the school the following year under the direction of the Felician Sisters. A brick convent was erected the next year. More land was purchased in 1909 and the basement of the new church was built, in which services were held, and the old church building was converted into a school. Father Chodacki resigned in the spring of 1914 and left $83,000 in the treasury to his successor, the Rev. L. Hordyck, for the new church. Father Hordyck found the work too much for him and he resigned November 12, 1925, and was succeeded by Father Brejski November 21, 1925.

The cornerstone of the large church was laid in 1914, and the school was built ten years later.

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