The Lackawanna Steel Mills attracted many people to the South Park district about 1900.  The existing parish churches were too far distant from the fast growing section, so in 1902 Bishop Quigley commissioned the Rev. John J. Nash, D. D., to establish a new parish in South Park.  Dr. Nash said the first Mass for his new congregation, April 20, 1902, in the new residence of Mr. Clark on Como Avenue.  Dr. Nash purchased the William J. Conners' property, corner of Tifft Street and South Park Avenue, for the new Holy Family Church.  There was a large residence on the property which was later sold to the Sisters of Mercy for the Mercy Hospital.  There was also a large barn which was converted into a temporary church.  In the spring of 1905, Dr. Nash decided to start work on the new church, and to finish the basement so that it might be used for church services as the congregation had outgrown the temporary frame structure.  The basement of the new church was completed and opened for services in the spring of 1906.  The following year work was continued and the new building was completed, and dedicated November 9, 1908 by Bishop Colton.  In 1913 Dr. Nash erected a magnificent modern school building and beautified the church, and now the parish buildings are practically complete and fully equipped for al the activities of a prosperous parish.  Dr. Nash was one of the first priests of the diocese in Bishop Turner's time to be honored with the title of Domestic Prelate.

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Holly Timm
Cheektowaga, New York