When the West Shore car shops were established at East Buffalo a large number of mechanics were attracted to this part of the city.  A little community soon sprung up here of men engaged in the West Shore car shops, and many of these were Catholics.  This little settlement was far removed from any Catholic church, and Bishop Ryan soon took steps to organize a little congregation for these people.  He commissioned the Rev. J. C. Long to organize the new parish.  Father Long dwelt for a time at the cathedral until he assembled his people and secured a place in which to hold services.  He bought property in 1884, on Bailey Avenue, a short distance from Walden Avenue.  He soon erected a small frame building for church purposes and secured an old frame building which he converted into a school  He rented a house on Bailey Avenue, which he used for a parochial residence until he built a comfortable house on Bailey Avenue.

He was succeeded in February, 1896, by the Rev. D. M. Reilly.  Father Reilly placed the parish in good financial condition, and then turned his thoughts to a new church.  The congregation had been growing for some years, and the little frame building was no longer large enough to accommodate the numbers who came to the services on Sundays.  Father Reilly accumulated a fund for the new building, and he felt so secure in the enthusiasm and co-operation of his people that he laid plans for a magnificent stone structure.  The building is of St. Lawrence granite, which gives a very solid and imposing appearance to the church, making it an ornament to that section of the city.

The new church was dedicated June 14, 1904, and it was solemnly consecrated in August, 1908.  It cost $60,000.  Father Reilly started the new school in July, 1913, and had it dedicated the following May.  It cost $56,000.

Father Reilly died, March 29, 1919, and was succeeded by the present pastor, the Rev. Adam Scheidel.

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Holly Timm
Cheektowaga, New York