For some years it was evident that a new church would be needed between the Holy Angels' and the Annunciation parishes, to furnish sufficient accommodation for the Catholics of that district.  Bishop Quigley assigned this difficult task to the Rev. Daniel Walsh in 1898.  Father Walsh went to work with his usual energy and determination.  And he soon had secured property in a favorable locality and built a temporary structure, in which he held services for the large congregation he had assembled.  He laid his plans for a beautiful stone church building and a fine parochial residence, both of which were completed in the summer of 1903.  Father Walsh  lived in a rented house on Ferry Street until his new residence was completed.  Bishop Colton blessed this new church the second Sunday after his arrival in Buffalo.  The school connected with this parish was formerly a branch of the Holy Angels' parochial school.

Father Walsh broke ground for the new church in the spring of 1901, and he had everything ready for the cornerstone ceremony, which was conducted by Bishop Quigley, August 1, 1901.

The fine school was begun in the spring of 1911.  The cornerstone was laid July 16, 1911, and was completed a year later.

Father Walsh died February 23, 1920, and the Rev. Daniel O'Brien came shortly after as pastor of the Nativity.  In April, 1921, Father O'Brien bought a house adjoining the church and remodeled it into a convent home for the sisters.  Father O'Brien is still the pastor of Nativity.

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Holly Timm
Cheektowaga, New York