Bishop Colton appointed the Rev. Anthony Clemente to form a new parish for the Italians in South Buffalo in 1909. The church was dedicated under the title of All Souls. The population, however, was transient, and when the steel mill closed, many moved away, and a portion of the Holy Family parish was added to help the struggling parish.

The Rev. Charles Maxwell succeeded Father Clemente, July 11, 1917, and remained until September 2, 1919, when the Rev. Eugene B. Regan took charge. The following year Father Regan decided to move to Abbott Road and Athol Street, and this new parish was called St. Thomas Aquinas. The old All Souls' Church was attended for some time by the priests from Holy Family until May 20, 1921, when the Rev. Joseph McGuire was appointed pastor, and the name was changed to St. Agatha.

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