When the Rev. Serge de Schoulipnikoff was stationed at the cathedral he assembled the few Catholic colored people in the city and organized them into a congregation. They were now numerous however nor financially strong enough to bear the burden of a separate parish, so they attended services at St. Joseph's Cathedral. After the departure of Father Schoulipnikoff the bonds of this little colored flock were dissolved, and they separated to attend different parishes until the Rev. John D. Biden again united them in a corporate body in 1913. He bought a large dwelling on Michigan Avenue and converted it into a chapel for the colored Catholics of Buffalo. They were attended for some years from the cathedral until 1919 when their numbers warranted the services of a pastor of their own, and the Rev. Father Butsch was appointed first resident pastor of St. Augustine's in 1919. Father Butsch was pastor for four years when he was followed by Fathers Hannigan, Neary and Kelly. The Rev. J. J. Lally came in 1924 and is kept busy with the increasing numbers of his flock.

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Holly Timm
Cheektowaga, New York